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Hey everybody we’re actually staying in an area very close to a bunch of wineries it’s place called Durban built, and this is pretty much where a lot of South Africa’s beautiful wine comes from. So of course we’re gonna have to come on a little wine tour we’re currently just walking through the vineyard to get to the wine tasting room. But it is such a beautiful area oh wow this place is so cool it’s like her are we in like a jail cell was on the back in the day when they were making the wine barrels are just too expensive to make.

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So this entire room would be where the wine would ferment that’s just an awesome a rustic room to taste wine you need to see this room look you can book at this table see, and they put on the mind that I was gonna give this book at that table oh my gosh how cool is this it’s so sorry tell them how they used actually to school whining yeah yeah just change the bind battles okay no legal battles as oh this type of winery would just kill in Australia it is just got such an awesome vibe it just love your blog anything this is the coolest place that we have tasted wine yeah you’re like getting a little hammock in this cool room are you like that especially really sweet is that that’s what you have to do yes your school burger well it on y’all need a pop the pinky toe top that let me hop in the baby’s pop that figured I saw the place coke line of Rouge boom little rose bush in off your pants the wine is pretty good. But the experience is even better I would suggest you guys calm down Hey guys it is now the next day sorry straight after the wine tour we ended up having to work all afternoon. But is the next day, and it’s her last Bank Cape Town, and we have the day off we’re actually going to go to the city, and stay in an Airbnb for the night, and do all fun things. So we’re currently just packing up all that stuff guys we’ve just gone down to the local shop to get some lunch, and I’ve just seen. So many memories of my childhood with all these candy, and I thought this means. So long since we’ve done a candy post Jess we should do one we should try some South African candy a little bit differently hot we just arrived in the city at an Airbnb we’re stay for the night it is so cute well I got blown out, and it has amazing views of Table Mountain look at these guys that’s so cool, and the waterfront is just down there, I’ll give you guys a quick little house too I might even put the link of this Avenue down below it is like.

So cheap what it’s so nice. So nice it is such a good location run like a little lot it’s so cute okay. So you come through the front door, and then here is like your little bathroom set up, and then you come down here, and here is your kitchen, and have like he’s put out little gluten-free cookies, and we got little coffee machine, and stuff a little lint chocolates, and like we’ve got a washer, and dryer which is awesome. Because we really need to do some washing my fridge, and stuff, and then a little couch, and sitting area with a TV, and then here is the balcony with your amazing news I love it, and then you have to come upstairs. Because it is a little off, and here is the bedroom today we’re going to quickly, I’m not going run outside, and try, and see as much of cake town as we can. Because we go tomorrow and. But we will be back.

But um first of all, I’m gonna go pop on I think over washing all right washing is on, and inside this bag is literally full to the brim of South African snacks, and drinks, and stuff like literally the whole thing’s full like mine it is so full, and we’re going to post a post we’ve just found out right the end of our street is this really really colorful area called water court look up vocab neighborhood look at the colors behind me this is such a pretty area. So awesome take the photo ask me obey the law always ago you for the I cool area like look at the two walls there this is awesome we’re now thinking is going to Kirsten Bosch Gardens which is a very beautiful area Annie Table Mountain to go, and get some scones. Because last time I came here we had the best scones there, and the gardens are beautiful. But I can’t get over Cape Town it is such a pretty area alrighty, I’m gonna miss this beautiful place. But we just got an uber bye-bye oh my gosh look at that view it looks like Jurassic Park every time food first all we’ve eaten is snacks. So I thought I’d ordered the very rare endangered white latte.

But then I realized I have to add my shot in there look, I’m Oswald’s like Christmas there in the coffee there enough for me sir hey he’s a waiting for this moment for too long ribbing my famous kissed on my skull, and we’re like. So close to my family. But we’re like we had our schedules just doesn’t meet, and just been sending them pictures of Scots in tired, and then I was like we actually have to get some. So um this is about to happen see the babies guys guinea fowls I like my favorite bird ever, and haven’t seen them in. So long, and he’s a little family over with little babies the coolest bird guinea fowls it’s like little turkeys thank char that’s me trying to get like a belly as a tronic isn’t cool to live oh the Sun remember that time I said we’re on a health kick today Bruin there was gonna use my hand for the cool job now test Sartain the best part about Kirsten Busch Gardens is this tree canopy walkway. So we’re walking on this walkway, I’m going to name this, and look at this beautiful place in Cape Town from like growling look what we’ve done it’s so pretty, and then like along here is the trail I love it, and then these views just remind me dressed apart like, I’m only all for ye. So this is such a pretty spot it’s a good I can’t get over HS we’re pretty.

So beautiful, and it’s like $6 to come into this like Botanical Gardens totally worth it you guys have to get these scones they’re totally worth it as well we’re now back, I’m currently reading Harry Potter, and editing some photos from this cool little Street it’s such a fun street for photos like just look how colorful these are I love it in an hour or. So as well we’re about to meet up with Nick, and ang, and go out for Indian which, I’m excited I could not remember last night Indian food looks like a very fancy place I just love when they have like open restaurants, and you can just see in from the chef that’s where they are, and we’re just sitting over there come on everyone’s got their bibs on you guys remember, and and cap, and Nick we went scuba diving life picked up is really wrong can we have so much food Santa’s been to India. So she’s going to show us the traditional way, and is this why we have the bibs on okay. So with your hands not my past your one hand into toilet man you’re gonna be like that is all you’re just using your hands I’ve gotta kind of like you know mix it all that this is so fresh man, and then you get a bet learn from me eating this five do either though you are doing that you know recognize are you gonna do it calf no bye good seeing you guys again you.

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