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This is ray ray and, i’m matt a few months back through mutual friends at a party in rio we had a great time he told me that if i ever made it to belo horizonte that i should look him up. so when the time came for me to visit the city that’s exactly what i did why not ray invited me into his home on the outskirts of town where i got to see a different side of things that most visitors don’t get a chance to hear stalin’s nova hakim judy okay jim carrey he introduced me to his lovely girlfriend anna karolina, and it felt like we’ve been friends for years come on call me linda cecil della pietà camille pies you’ll pass on dummy this was my first impression of belarusan she ray had worked that first afternoon, and evening. so he dropped me off downtown with a few recommendations, and i set out to explore the city i started out as i often do at the municipal market you know see what’s hot the streets hungry from all the meats, and cheeses on display i made my way to casa shay inside the market for traditional lunch i went with a mini i know of a lynch a delicious pork dish with rich curry like flavors along with some fries, and a very fresh lemonade from there i ventured over the prasada lieber -, and into the nearby cultural center for a quick peek at a really diverse collection of art by the time i made it through the exhibit the sun began to set. so i grabbed the public bus over the brass ado papa whereíd told me i could get the best views of the city at sunset while sitting there waiting for the sun to go down i overheard a group of girls talking about a different lookouts fun.

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so i interrupted politely to find out more they said it was just up the hill, and asked if i wanted to join them i instantly accepted, and they took me up to an even better view point after the sunset we stop for a quick snack, and then the girls invited me for drinks at the malade by building a popular hangout with a variety of bars inside you’re sad, and drank really good local beer as i learn more about life in belo horizonte, and capped off a perfect first day in the safe the next morning we woke up early, and ray, and i set out on a little saturday adventure boy football my boy ray we go check out the park come with us show you around a day, and you know cheap do it in your team is a park about an hour away from the city where art, and nature collide to form like this crazy visual stimulation i found in the woods couple demos studio art you can sabu yeah good times good art a little bit of nature nothing wrong perfect way to spend a saturday back to beds on chi for a little bit of nightlife let’s go see house goodbye one thing you have to do in belo horizonte let’s check out the nightlife as the saying goes they don’t have beaches. but they have bars, and plenty of them let’s go check it out hacha on sundays you got to get down to the fanta hippie right next to the central park to huge market with food, and crafts from around belo horizonte check it out after the feta we headed back to raise neighborhood to grab a couple of beers, and reflect on a great weekend it was so nice to have local friends or planned, and unplanned to help show me their city my most memorable travel experiences have always come from moments like these, i’ll cherish my trip to belarus auntie, and i look forward to the time i can return until then whenever possible.

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