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Once free of that situation I headed for the closest point Best place to travel to in China of land, and found that as we got nearer -thee shore the ice was thinner Best place to travel to in China and easier to push aside. The danger was over. To record the experience I paused to take a couple of photographs with the camera which I’d attached to the canoe’s nose. It isn’t difficult to trigger the self-timer on flat water, but a sudden frantic bleeping announced that the film had ended. Its instructions said rewind immediately. I nearly panicked with the shock of that noise, but when I tried to reach the camera I couldn’t manage it, and as I crept forward the canoe started to wobble.

Verbal responses weren’t the only things captured on audio. Additional sounds were recorded after we left the balcony. One thing heard was unusual music, much like what you would expect to hear at a silent movie, or from a gramophone. This lasted for several minutes. It had a tinny, disjointed sound. We don’t know its cause and after Laura reviewed the sound she had no idea where it came from but Laura did tell us the marketing director often heard music in the auditorium. Perhaps this is what he hears.

While Kat continued to review her audio, I loaded the segment from the ballroom into my computer. After getting so many unexpected EVPs in the theater, I was anxious to review the audio from the ballroom, the original Red Jacket Opera House. If spirits or their energy remain anywhere within these walls, it seems they would be in the ballroom. After all, this room was the culmination of the towns biggest tragedy.

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