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Benson display and a good many of the works of Malcolm Bangkok Metro Map Saville, the hugely popular children’s writer who lived in nearby Winchelsea but who set many Bangkok Metro Map of his Lone Pine adventures in the Rye area, and who wrote a very readable history of the town of Rye. You may also see Clive King’s The Town That Went South, which was set in and around Rye, as were Thackeray’s unfinished work Denis Duval and Ford Madox Ford’s The Half Moon and early chapters of Some Do Not.

In short, the shop is a browser’s paradise. You might just decide to stay here and not bother with the rest of the walk at all! Assuming you do wish to continue, turn right out of the shop and walk down the High Street, which swings to the left and becomes The Mint. At the end of The Mint, turn hard left into Mermaid Street. You will return to this wonderful cobbled street later, but for the moment take the first right up Traders Passage, a very narrow half-cobbled street which was the home of the linguist and prolific travel writer Eric Whelpton.

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