CREDIT CARDS Not everywhere will take international credit cards. The signs out the front referring to the credit cards an establishment will accept may only apply to Chinese cards. This may include Visa and other international brand cards.

International hotels, large department stores and places frequented by tourists are more likely to take these cards than other places. However, if you are expecting to go to a restaurant and pay by credit card, it is good practice to check ahead to see whether or not international cards are accepted. Taxi drivers and many ticket counters do not take credit cards.

ATMS Similarly not all ATMs are connected to international networks such as Prime or Cirrus which will allow you to access your home bank account. This is changing rapidly as part of China’s accessing the World Trade Organisation but a good rule is that Bank of China ATMs they are on all Metro stations and foreign bank ATMS such as those of Hing Kong Bank, Hang Seng Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank can be used for Cirrus or Prime transactions. Citibank has ATMs in many 7/11 convenience stores.

Note that ATMs sometimes do not automatically return your card when you finish a transaction. There is often a final option asking you to press a button to get your card back.


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