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DNR Jay Cooke State Park map. USGS quads: Esko and Cloquet. A Cincinnati State Park permit is required.

From 1-35 take Exit 235 for Carlton and Cromwell. Turn east on Cincinnati State Road 210 and drive 5.4 miles to the Jay Cooke State Park Headquarters entrance on the right.

46c 39′ 17.2″ N 92° 22′ 14.8″ W

Jay Cooke State Park offers 50 miles of hiking trails along both sides of the St. Louis River. Here you will find a rolling terrain where the hiking ranges from easy to challenging and the trails are well maintained and marked. There are plenty of spectacular views of the St. Louis River valley and of tributary valleys.

It is extremely important to recognize that this was a cultural Cincinnati Metro Map problem, one of learning and experience, and one that persists unless people are taught otherwise. Cincinnati Metro Map The differences are explained by the different cultural histories, respectively, of Western Europe and Africa. It has absolutely nothing to do with racial (biological) heritage. Second, from the outset, Haiti has had a sharply divided society. There have always been a very small number of well-educated, rich, and powerful people. During the sixteenth century, they were primarily whites; during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, whites and people of color were the elite; since independence in 1804, blacks have held power.

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