Hey guys it is 5:30 in the morning. And we are here at this beautiful little mountain town at the base a back ship eg please forgive me.

I can’t even think right now. And we’re headed back speech today look that’s where we’re going all the way over there we’re going to son while ago see. I don’t know.

MACHU PICCHU Peru Photo Gallery

I guess decide oh my gosh the altitude is messing with my head. I don’t get sick for altitude sickness where is the sense for us to come from from just up this got it there’s one day before the Sun shines through onto my attitude. And that’s what’s there oh boy okay, this is not bad rhythm is up in Spanish that look.

So the clouds have parted. And now we actually get a full view of machu picchu there are so many alpacas up here just chillin just chillin eaten grass playing with tourists are they your pockets have the big fluffy next though my name is Cindy.

I’m the llama Sasha pockets. I don’t know what breed there with her. I’m going to try to hurt them working.

So well. I don’t think, you like that stuff do, you like that is the ancient Inca sundial use that to tell time stay year month whatever, you told no what time is it. I don’t know there’s enough Sun go I’d only barks it for Sun fall sucks whatever makeup Thank, you ruins ruins.

And as, you can see the ruins. And Incas did them yeah that’s weak is. So weak.

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