New Zealand North Island

Welcome to New Zealand’s North Island part 2 today huh that’s okay but-but-but. I have the most amazing picture to show, you guys. I took forever to take but.

I think you’re really gonna enjoy it apparently apparently Narnia with some here the scene where the the kids wash up. And Beach like oh my god then all the clothes or something then they go through they go through this or where is it where is it that’s tunnel or something, it’s great great sunny they’re just late she’s gonna keep coming very good next on the trip we headed to Raglan which is a gorgeous whole surf town the best surfing place in News have won the best left hand breaks in the world. And don’t really know what.

New Zealand North Island Photo Gallery

I left found break-ins but I can tell, you if. I knew.

I was. I would say yes to that while. I was there.

I didn’t really go surfing because her thing is not really my thing. I’ve tried to me before and. I failed, it’s really for surfing.

And me don’t really mix that well together so. I thought instead. I tried body boarding see.

I’m a good body boarder. I love body board. I could be professional bodyboarder next off we went to maca – it was, it’s basically this little town where we had a maori cultural experience as, you call it mari are the native people here in new zealand.

So we got to do a whole got to learn like a dance. And song. I got chosen as the one of the this chance uh captain team leader female team leader to do the dance that’s why.

I get to wear the amazing getup, you see. I took good pride. I’ve volunteered myself oh.

So that’s it for another installment of named Dean’s travel vlogs New Zealand yeah if you want if you missed any of my other New Zealand blogs there will be a link at the end of this post, you can go watch those. And, it’s more looking for more information including more in depth detail of my trip. And more photos please check out my blog because.

I’ve been writing post on it. And it will give, you a lot more detail links in the book. I get links in the bottom bar.

And or, you can just check out McCulloch, but the links in the bottom are will take, you to the exact post and. I talked about in this vlog.

So yeah that’s all and. I will catch, you guys later in three days time three days time he’ll be another post coming your way. So, you should definitely check it out yeah.

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