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Rogers Lake is named after an early settler who homesteaded near the lake. Kenneth and Blanche Kingsley cleared the area around the lake after they moved there in 1931. They farmed until 1940 when they moved to another farm south of Cromwell. In 1956, the DNR planted jack pine in the fields cleared by the Kingsleys. Plantations of white spruce and red pine are located here as well. A shelter was constructed at the east end of Rogers Lake in 1989 from logs of white spruce taken from one of these plantations.

You cross straight over and then, bitter irony of ironies Lima Subway Map , you must climb yet again, although the incline is much gentler than the conquest of Stoughton Lima Subway Map Down. As you climb, you proceed south-eastwards, as you’ve been doing since you entered the Stoughton Down woods, then having reached the crest of the hill, swing in a more easterly direction. Your hill-climbing is over! Proceed enjoyably just south of the woodland of Stoke Clump, contouring the hillside, before shortly bending right and then right again, so you are now heading just west of south, still on the same path, gently losing height all the while. At length you reach a junction with the West Stoke-Mid Lavant road.

Turn right to follow the road briefly, but almost immediately turn left onto West Stoke Road which you follow, passing the very attractive flint-built Oldwick Farm. At the end of the road you reach a crossroads; go straight over, following another minor road south-eastwards to its junction with Old Broyle Road.

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