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We’ve arrived welcome to Barcelona Spain guys, this is Sagrada família it is the most photographed here in Barcelona. And if you look behind me describe that, it’s like gothic perfect one come to mind like it looks like, it’s like melting. So beautiful, you cannot go to Spain.

TAPAS TIME Barcelona Spain Photo Gallery

And not have tothis right now we’re having talents for life. And we’re trying to decide what yeah what else, you got take out fish artichoke what’s this one this looks good too what’s this Oh tuna fishing yes chew it that is this tofu or chief I’ll cheat ah. I can’t have a, but, you guys can have a mushroom, but better be someone else might they might like we get pocket we got meatball what else we get there’s.

So many options we need two more anything Oh good ones involving. I don’t know we didn’t chemically crazy. So nobody is good for now set yeah that’s good for now thank, you we kind of went a bit crazy here.

So we found in Barcelona this looks amazing this looks like sugary sweet goodness you’re locked up gingerbread houses and. I wonder. So first up this morning on our Barcelona City Tour, it’s Park Way basically it is by famous artists tears imagination gone wild.

I guess that’s how, you can put it it reminds me of fairytale children’s fairy tale book please take a look around all right. So para Barcelona there, you go on top of talked away, but that’s what No before my last position look at his hands how’s it do it do it what Alec what happened nothing. I thought he was gonna move usually they change position no like maybe that this thing is standing really really soft pretty weak stuff no discipline for this port Oh because, you see his hand by lessening section three cha-cha there’s got to be a sweet section where the beat sucks right now now we passed the fruit section.

So thankfully we have the olive section there’s the onions there’s so many eight that is. So dude, it’s places all about, it’s a wall of candy it’s.

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