Hello 2018 guys girls. I am. So excited for this new year because a new year means new travels.

So, this is a inspirational post for, you to give, you some ideals on where, you can travel to in 2018 but. I didn’t want to give, you just my opinion on it. I asked my top travel vlogging friends to give, you their picks on where, you should go travel to this year that’s this post.

WHERE to TRAVEL in 2018 14 PLACES TO GO Photo Gallery

So let’s get started country we know, it’s a super expensive adventures hiking going in wire folks even going into hot springs for free then there are free ones not just a blue look good also the Northern Lights can be tracked online, you can find it, you can get million other views for free in Iceland. So go to Iceland to Iceland. We’ll see, you there my favorite place to visit is Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for me it has everything it has the nature.

And wildlife in the surrounding mountains the Christ the Redeemer statue that awesome cross we can overlook the whole city. And then Sugarloaf Mountain is another great spot, you can go on the cable car then down into the city, you have the beautiful culture of the favelas. And the music like bossa nova.

And samba. And at the right time of year, you can catch the Carnaval. And then to to top it all off, you have the most beautiful beaches Copacabana.

And Ipanema beach, it’s it’s an absolute must for any traveler, you have to go to Rio everyone is Kirsten from the blonde abroad. And greetings from South Africa. I fell.

So deeply in love with South Africa that. I actually relocated to Cape Town aside from the favorable exchange rate. And cost of living, it’s an amazing destination to meet friendly locals encounter incredible wildlife.

And drink your way through expansive Winelands hey guys, it’s Maddie from Trowell feels. So far one of my favorite places to go is Norway. I’m not much of a city guy but.

I really epic crazy scenery. And Norway has it all it has some of the most insane places. I’ve ever been to.

I highly recommend it, it’s really easy to get around. And if you’re not in from each vacation definitely go check out Norway number one Travel recommendation for sure has got to be posted on now, it’s on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. And it is the most beautiful town that has these iconic houses that go all the way up the hill from the sea.

And beautiful beach. And the best restaurants such good food. And just honestly everywhere, you go, it’s one of the most picturesque parts of Italy.

And just of the world that. I’ve ever been to. So, you have to go what is up guys my name is Christian or known as lost leblanc on youtube.

And if you’re looking for some adventure in 2018 one of my favorite destinations of 2017. And 2018. I’ve now been three times is the Philippines it is raw uncut adventure some of the bluest water the kindest people you’ll ever meet.

And the great thing is even though the rest of Southeast Asia is quite touristy the Philippines has not hit its bubble yet. So get there soon because it is getting busier every single day if you’re a foodie or you’re looking for the ultimate beach destination, you need to get out to Portugal, it’s got all of the history. And attractions that you’d expect from a European city the culinary scene is incredible with some of the best seafood.

And pastries. And if you road trip down the coast, you will find some of the most stunning least busy beaches in all of Europe hi guys my name is Elena and, this is Riley. And we’re from the blog blog failing the Vagabond while sailing around the world we stumbled across an island called Corsica off the coast of France it was amazing we really recommend, you go there the birthplace of the pauline bonaparte.

And known for its outstanding geographical diversity in a day, you can drive through dense forests hilltop villages valleys. And explore glitzy coastal cities with fortresses by the sea if you love history the outdoors. And natural beauty Corsica really is a place.

So enjoy guys thanks guys hey guys, it’s been an Alaska from Kombi life our recommendation is Cuba it is a country unlike any other. And it is changing rapidly it is one of the cheapest places, you can go. So for adventure.

And budget why not go over there take the bicycle. And cycle around the island it is less than a thousand miles long leave the bike there for one delightful they would appreciate it. And it will be an adventure, you will never forget Cuba hi everyone my name is Kristen Sarah.

And my youtube blog is hopscotch the globe Greenland, you have to travel there it is one of the most unique. And stunning places in the world it feels like you’re on a different planet. I would highly recommend going during the winter months just rest warm and, you will have an incredible time one of the most epic experiences.

I had in Greenland was when I took a boat out to see icebergs these are gigantic icebergs also dogsledding what a crazy adventure. I got to dogsled with one of the best dog sliders.

And all of Greenland like he competes yearly if you want a unique travel experience unlike any other place go to Greenland my favourite travel destination is. And probably always will be New Zealand New Zealand is just such a beautiful place full of natural wonder and I feel like outside the US New Zealand is like the roadtrip King, you can drive for hours.

And see. So many different beautiful mountain sides. And lakes and, you just wanna stop by each.

And every one. And for any sort of big little rings fan like. I am traveling to Zealand is a must.

I did my own tour where. I got to visit all the different places that they filmed a lot of the shots more the Rings and, you can even visit Hobbiton, you can go cave diving with flow worms, you can go kayak in the 8th wonder of the world New Zealand is just a beautiful place that must be experienced hi everyone. I am Anika aka Onita the traveler.

And if. I had to suggest one destination that, you should travel soon in 2018. I would say Russia now.

I had the opportunity to go last year. I really enjoy the architecture which is super bright. And vibrant colorful the history is super interesting as are at the site as well don’t sleep on Russian food the food was.

So good that is me onika the traveler signing off hey what’s good, it’s Mike of kick to grind. I uncover strange places on my, you Tube blog and I have to say Mexico has my heart, it’s way more than tequila beaches.

And wet t-shirt competitions here are five reasons, you have to check it out in this new year, it’s the annual monarch butterfly migration from Canada and, this is the exploding hammer festival welcome to the Mexican state of escala. And of course my pic of where, you should go Greece now Greece is perfect for all types of travelers there is a variety of things, you can do there is. So much history.

And architecture. And museums which, you can visit on the mainland. And then, you can hop on over to the islands which have a variety of options for, you there’s beaches there’s cave there’s parties there is ATVs there’s romantic sunsets.

And volcanoes anything that, you want to do, you can find it on one of the various island. And is a perfect destination for all types of travelers especially beginner travelers. And, it’s sunny.

And warm. So what’s not to love about that. So thank you.

So much for reading this post. I really hope, you have enjoyed it hopefully it has inspired, you to start planning your next trips for 2018 a big thank, you to all the travel vloggers who submitted their pics these are all amazing content creators if you haven’t checked out their blogs before please do. I’m leaving all the links down below in the description.

So go check them out go comment to their blog stuff they all put out amazing travel content, you will not be disappointed. And don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog if you aren’t a commentr already. I love hearing your guys’s feedback.

So please let me know down below in the comments if you have any top picks for places to go in 2018 don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up and I will see, you guys in else again in a few days time with another post all right bye. ?

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