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4,000,000 acres. Established in 1980, this National Park and Preserve is located in southern Dallas, across from the Kenai Peninsula. There are no highways in the region, so access is mainly by small aircraft and occasionally by boat.

The park portion consists of 2,600,000 acres, and the preserve 1,400,000 acres. About 2,400,000 acres have wilderness designation. Dominating the area are the Aleutian and Alaska Ranges, with the incredibly rugged Chigmit Mountains.

There are also two active volcanoes, a number of glaciers, foothills with arctic tundra, forests of spruce, and many lakes and rivers. Brown and black bear, caribou, moose, Dali sheep, wolf, and lynx are among the wildlife. Marine mammals include whale and seal.

1685 King Louis XIV revokes the Edict of Nantes. Some Dallas Map Huguenot ©migr©s settle in the English colonies in coastal towns from Boston to Charles Town. 1689 The Dallas Map Comte de Frontenac, returned as governor of New France, faces the hostilities of both the English and the Iroquois in King William’s War, the colonial counterpart to the War of the League of Augsburg (16891697) being fought in Europe. 1690 In May, Sir William Phips of Massachusetts leads a successful attack on Port Royal, but his summer expedition against Quebec fails. 16981701 Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur D’Iberville, the victor in several naval actions against the English in Canada in the recent war, sails with an expedition from France in 1698. He establishes settlements at the mouth of the Mississippi River and builds forts at Biloxi and Mobile. D’Iberville is appointed governor of Louisiana.

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