In today’s post we will be exploring the capital city of Peru, this is Lima, it’s a crazy City, it’s a fun one, but before Lima. I was actually in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival it was an awesome couple of days there, but it was time to get out of the big city.

And to fly to South America. I have just arrived here at the Toronto International Airport. And I’ll be flying out here.

WERE OFF TO SOUTH AMERICA 3 Days in Lima Peru Photo Gallery

And heading to Peru over the next 12 hours. I’m actually meeting up right now with the guy who will be assisting me on this trip guys, this is Jaime pause the post for one second to explain a little bit more about who this guy is right here. So if you’re sitting here thinking.

I kind of recognize this guy, it’s because you’ve seen him before about a year ago. I did a GoPro giveaway where. I actually ran a post competition on the blog Jaime’s post was the winning post let’s go back to the post we’ve just arrived in Peru my boy Carlos right here that truck is probably no more than like a foot.

And a half away how are, you feeling today pretty stoked to be all me yeah that’s sick, but a little bit sick. We’ll get over it yeah hey guys it is day one here in Lima Peru today we’re being shown around by a local. And she’s actually a local celebrity but.

I wouldn’t admit it, but wherever she is she’s gonna be driving us around showing us her neck of the woods Cassie what are we eating, it’s a bread. And inside, you have pork that is soft, but at the same time is a little bit crunchy we also put sweet potatoes after an unbelievable breakfast Kathy wanted to show us the more colorful side of Lima and So we went to a place called the Sai bridge is a day in the life of Kathy here in Peru she is the largest in the country as far as blog following goes.

I think she just did a photo shoot was like 30 people. And right now we are on a bridge that is known as the side bridge and So Kathy was telling me that essentially, you come here with your loved one, you hold hands and, you hold your breath as, you walk across if you manage to hold your breath the entire bridge you’ll stay together forever with that loved one.

And if you don’t have that loved one well you’re not out of luck, you can come here alone and, you don’t have to be forever alone if you hold your breath as, you cross this bridge, you will apparently find that special someone Lima is known as a great city because of the constant overcast. So it was really great to check out one of the more colorful sides to the city. So we went under the love bridge.

And we followed the path that actually comes all the way to the waterfront. And Lima is not exactly the place, you come to recline. And like enjoy white sand beaches because it looks a little bit like this, it’s kind of wavy big pebbles, but, it’s really good for surfing.

And, it’s probably a good 20 surfers out there right now waiting for waves. So right now we’re in the center of mira flores which is probably where, you want to stay if you’re coming to Peru, it’s got everything from restaurants to bars to nice air B&B E’s. And hotels.

And right now we’re in the cat park. So, it’s this nice little green area in the center. And there’s cats just running freely here cutting Spanish cut sound mio mio mio.

I’ve just that’s Cathy. And that is a gateau do, you think they’ll let me try one of those on $45 for this, it’s not bad, you look good bro yes to make it softer he has to be very real paka paka. So, this is baby alpaca which is very expensive, but like.

I’ve never held something softer in my entire life and, this is what miraflores looks like this looks like the perfect spot to take off the drone how do, you say dog in Spanish better better Oh Kathy was saying that there’s a dog what did, you do okay. And apparently. I don’t know if.

I believe her yet, but she says there’s an alpaca. And it surfs around here. I’ve yet to confirm that Heisler.

I promise follow your dream cremate right now we are going to a Peruvian market cathy has asked me about 20 maybe 30 times to leave this camera behind, but good idea she’s also warned us of like 50 ways, you can die in Peru so I don’t know if to take her seriously or not. I’m dedicated to getting the good shot.

So we’re gonna bring it. So once, you get out of Mirta Florida as, you can find these like tooktook looking vehicles all over the place that’s the cheaper way to get around Katzie was saying it could be as cheap as one SOLAS which is like 33 cents roughly huh what is this recall then, you keep oka, it’s kind of like a sauna. So right now we’re being shown around by Kathy’s dad.

And did her dad grew up in Lima yeah he’s been here his whole life yeah he doesn’t speak English, but we have, you know hand gestures in the occasional word. So we can kind of communicate, it’s really nice of them to be showing us around your chicken that raw yep, you got your fresh vegetables, you get your spices here it looks really good that looks really fresh. So we’re here a bit late in the day normally the market starts really early like by 11:00, it’s like fully going.

And Kathy was saying that often you’ll hear the live animals being turned into food essentially behind the scenes here right. So what is that cut see, it’s an app that makes, you lose weight, it’s a weight loss nut for this one’s for the men if you want to get bopped you’ve got like these little. I don’t know if they’re nuts or little Micah manga.

And others yeah has a big shark on it. So, you know it works. So right now we’re getting a creme shadow they to set up.

And it looks like creme brulee, but apparently, it’s not the same thing, you try this, it’s housing good not sold it feels like a creme brulee that’s gone bad yes. So good Kathy where are we the best place ever. So, this is definitely one of those stranger dinners.

I’ve had we had banana with cheese. And it was like melted in between the banana. And they also had like some pork inside of it.

I have to say that like. I wasn’t big on it but. I kind of liked parts of it.

I liked the parts that had meat which. I never thought. I would say.

And then we had another traditional banana meal which is kind of like a bunch of banana that’s dried, it’s crushed together. And, it’s mixed with what feels kind of like a almost like a potato a substance. I’m not sure, but it tasted like a banana potato if.

I could describe it. And now we have dessert which is like a tapioca with mango. And Quito Quito which we’ve been told is a jungle fruit now that was.

So good day three here in Lima. And right now we’re in Kayal and, this is actually place that Kathy had heard of, but never been to, it’s kind of interesting because as we came through the roads it became a lot older like a lot more Hispanic feeling a lot more colorful, but also very rundown. So, you saw like Street dogs it almost felt like a ghost town in parts right now we’re in a small area that’s actually guarded on both sides by security so.

I feel safe having my camera out here, but. I’m definitely having a bit of a sobering realization that like, this is not Southeast Asia. I can’t feel comfortable just wearing my camera around my neck even my taxi driver was telling me that at times people will reach into his car to try to take his phone, you really can’t have your phone up even texting with the windows up someone could smash your window take the phone.

And run away. So, it’s just one of those things, you gotta adjust to where you’re traveling to how do, you say giddyup in Spanish yes right no there’s no way. I can do that does it feel stable sketchy dude imagine the whole wall core.

So after seeing the photos are, you gonna climb up there. I will try. I’m gonna do my best.

I think, it’s gonna be tragical hola Senor do, you know direction is direction is gig Bay hola Senor do, you know where to go for the Fiesta senior oh you’re having a siesta so. I’ve got to say that out of everything we’ve seen in Lima. So far, this is probably the prettiest, it’s like what.

I expected when I thought of Latin America, it’s got. So many colourful murals, it’s got great places to get some food take some photos and, you can feel safe here, you want to check it out, it’s called Kayal monumental.

So check that out where are we downtown historic center what’s behind me. And that right there is one of the big cathedrals here in Lima. So ironically right behind the Royal Palace is the poorest part of Lima right on the hillside here are the flow Velas I’ll show, you that with a longer lens in a sec, but, it’s actually kind of beautiful from a distance.

I know the reality of getting up close wouldn’t be. So nice, but from here it looks really cool do, you want to tell people. And remote do, you yes a kebab yeah, but okay is the hard for cow, it’s the heart of the cow right there delivers marinated for a day or.

So. And then, you grill it, it’s really tasty Jamie volunteered himself okay, you did yeah take a bite, it’s good for your heart it’ll make it be faster really, it’s good right now that is. So good really a heart was born three times too small.

So this could help a little we can really see the chef put his heart into it. So these are peacott on basically like a deep-fried doughnut see or not see, this is the best thing. I’ve ever had as far as doughnuts go somebody say seconds see kotti has taken us to a sushi place here.

And this one is like a bit off the radar she says, it’s extremely good her favorite place, but not a lot of people know about it. So that’s what. I’m all about on this blog let’s do it.

So neither of us have had an octopus before like. I’ve eaten my fair share of sushi, but. I’m always like on the edge with like the raw fish think the best sushi in Peru yeah it is my promise.

I promise okay honestly. I’ve never eaten it and I liked it.

I think, it’s just getting past these like extremities. And then once, you pass that part, you really enjoy it for how it tastes. I don’t like seafood but.

I hate that. And that was like unbelievable everything here is delicious that was some of the best sushi. I’ve ever had.

So if you want to try a Peruvian meets Japanese blend of sushi right here at ume that was yummy see what. I just did there. I was on my feet too.

I did that real quick. I wasn’t even planning that yummy yummy all came to me. I hope, you enjoyed the first post here from Lima Peru if you did make sure to hit comment.

So you’re notified when the next Peru post goes up. And if you’re actually coming to Peru. I’ve built an entire dedicated Travel Guide just for, you it gives, you all the most efficient ways to see the top tourist destinations the hidden gems the best restaurants basically making the most of your trip and I even dive into details like safety how to bring a drone through customs all that nitty-gritty that you’ll need to know before arriving in Peru, it’s just link down below. And if you want a free sneak preview of the five hot tips to Peru make sure to click on this link up here. And let’s get lost again in the next one.

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