The more you know who you are, and what you want the less the 11th thing to say although what every once in a while you have to wake up at the crack of dawn by yourself sit on the roof, and watch the Sun come up over the islands no. But really I feel like every once in a while you need that time just to see yourself you know actually when you are around a lot of people for the whole day you need that morning alone time with your coffee Hey beautiful is the second, and final day of the commercial shoot here in the islands in the secret location for the secret project although by the time this post comes out you’ll probably know where, I’m at, and what, I’m doing just based off of Instagram, and maybe all the other people here posting things for the scene today I believe we’re going on a boat we’re going on a boat, and we’re going to go swim with sea turtles that’s the plan for today. So everyone’s kind of waking up now the rest of the crew, and then we’re gonna head off to this boat, I’m going to capture as many of the behind the scenes as I can. So yeah alright.


So we made it to a shoe location for today we’re going on a boat is a pretty big boat we’re actually at the southern part of the island right now the mysterious island that’s the fuel hey watch out man I’ve got Spears what’s his name his name is Jaguar Jaguar what’s up buddy morning Erik nice to meet ya better nice meet you Chris yeah this is the vessel for today we are spending the whole day out at sea. So it’s what 8 o’clock in the morning now we’re probably to get back to the place at like 7:00 to today’s post is a sea post back resisting all day or it up don’t get it that’s time it ain’t no – hey DISA I have never seen so much blue clear water for.

So many miles we just got to our shooting location for the day, and you look over that way there’s a blue sinkhole all around us it may be 3 to 4 meters that sick hole is 60 meters there’s no turtles right now they’re trying to find – lettuce i sorry you know the whole point is it’s okay no Hollywood I said wow this is miss we’re having any we’re professionals oh yeah have you said any girl if you had seen three Colossus okay thank you see any fishes really kind of down huh one two three looking cute re-enactor yeah the last shot of the day we’re going to jump in, and do some scuba kind of diving supply this reef what’s up everyone talking to God why I would go around with that depth under 4 push to get to face when he’s up that gvo days is a lot of accuracy examples on this page 41 what’s their siesta well whoever are we jumping on 3 2 1 go well, and they’re gone good you need out there to get back in. So we’ve just loaded you might going back in, and it’s loading okay yeah Karen the toilets like this for my pencil design facility they’re not going to hurt you though. So we’ll see you how was it lots of lime fish yeah some crab they had the spike they’re poisonous they’re super poison oh there’s like maybe five or eight venomous yeah we actually found them all for our lives the vet over here you know I was in danger like yeah take a listen.

I’ll be riding on my cool 38th Street got the booze in the cool you’re a be gently happy with you gotta feel they have a lot of this man we just wrapped on set, and what’s about to happen behind us the very very rare thing. So the green flash proverbial green flashes they say it’s going to happen today that’s what they’re saying don’t why would you tell people that is little look at the Sun, and right as it sets in the tropics apparently there’s a green flash, I’m gonna happen show you this even you’re shocked look at that you nurse shark backup guy yeah okay treat your managers everybody look man yeah well I can’t even put into words how incredible this opportunity wasn’t this trip go check out everyone down below in the description all their link okay what’s up the skip all right see you guys take good care you get charged all right. So check this out.

So we’re heading back to the airport, and we stopped at this place called the glass window bridge this is one of the most wild things I’ve ever seen it’s where the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean are only split by this one road on one side of the road you have the deepest blue of the Atlantic, and on the other you have those light tropical turquoise colors I feel like the only way you can really see this is with the drone. So, I’m going to launch the drone up in there. So you can get a proper birth dive view of this good if you come back just like that we’re back in America Polly welcome home goodbye goodbye we had a little bit of a bromance this weekend I know. But I didn’t post all this. But you’ll see the posts, and then this post that we’re doing with the secret project BB ow one grade high June 19th wait for check it out the this whole project I know I’ve been super just ambiguous with all these posts. So we’re doing this project there’s a van vaal they’re sea turtles pro surfers all that kind of get. So apparently dr.

Evans. But instead of a blog is that right I’ve been inspired my man Eric over here has really encouraged me to get off the ground I’ve been want to do it for a long time there’s so many educational posts, and just you know things I want to talk about, and share with the world, and I feel like ‘s great opportunity to do. So, I’m going to get that going it’s just a matter of time, and making it happen at that time is that, I’m going to start doing that really soon, and I think expression bro well I mean, I’m sure that you reading you probably want to see what this guy doesn’t it’s three time what he does you know if it be on the scenes of his practice. So go check out a blog down below you have a few Madhu’s right yeah check them out give him some love also G lads over here cooking great do you want followers or no. So don’t follow great Grace’s behind the scene great trip Anna oh yeah a group fogger look who it is long time no see Bubba the SAS sad bulldog yes I am back home, I’m back from my trip amazing trip, and I hope that post kind of made sense it was like two days combined just it was really tough you know that was my first experience on an actual set posting a commercial, and I have to say one of the hardest things is being posted, and at the same time posting your own content one of the best trips I’ve ever been on it wasn’t really the place I was at it was the people on the trip that made the trip like dr. Evan the B is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met a positive inspirational guy to fill you, and it’s been about two days since I’ve been back for my chair and, I’m in my hometown at my mom’s house in southern New Jersey, I’m home for two days posting a post project down here bum Papa have you been well let’s eat your popcorn, and that we also have everyone’s favorite old english bulldog how have you been he doesn’t like this big camera he’s afraid of this camera are you go go play outside obvious a quick little update, I’m here in southern New Jersey for two days my next post is a big one next, and it’s so crazy you know the past month has been pretty much non-stop travel I don’t even remember the last time I was in my apartment in New York City for more than two days three days my next post, I’m traveling to a place I have never been a place I’ve always wanted to go, I’m meeting up with another r out there comment down below if you think you know where it’s at. So if you liked today’s post you know tap that thumbs up little little click right there pause the post tap thumbs up hit play continue I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes to day log series posting I will see you in the next post travelling to.

But a drum roll please you’ll find out on the next post. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion.

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