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Labrador Tea

Perhaps the place that presents the most interesting features is the small spruce bog about 0.5 mile into the trek. Here you will find two unique plants of the northland: the Labrador tea and the purple pitcher plant. The Labrador tea is a medium-sized shrub growing to four feet tall. It is easily identified by the woolly undersides of its leaves. The wool is white when the leaves are new and gradually turns rusty with age. Labrador tea is indicative of peaty soils, especially bogs like this one where it grows in a soft thick carpet of sphagnum moss and cottongrass. As its name indicates, people have used the leaves to make a tea. Canadians know the plant as Hudson’s Bay Tea. To make the tea pick the leaves when their wool has turned rusty and dry them in the sun or an oven. Pour a cup of boiled water over one tablespoon of dried, crumpled leaves and let it steep for ten minutes. Don’t boil the leaves in the water as they contain a harmful alkaloid.

While never a Calvinist seminary, Yale graduated a large number of ministers, particularly in its first four decades, and frequently fell prey to religious controversy. In 1722, accusations of Arminianism the brand of antiauthoritarianism that fed Methodism were leveled at several faculty and tutors, forcing their swift departure from New Haven. Best US cities to visit in winter wenty years later, as much of New England embraced the New Light radicalism of the Great Awakening, the administration came under fire for its condemnation of Arminian apologists like George Whitefield and James Davenport. Insisting on Calvinist orthodoxy, the college expelled students who refused to apologize for their New Light sympathies or attended unauthorized meetings. Facing religious criticism on all sides, President Clap, a man selected for his conservative Calvinism, soon moved to establish Yale’s own college church, the first in Country, to insulate his students from the false religions swirling outside its doors. In 1745, he also amended the college charter to establish the college as a perpetual corporation, legally autonomous and protected from outside religious or political influence.

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