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We love spending most of our weekend’s close to nature listening to the trees birds, and animals without worrying about food, and accommodation thankfully gana toka has a lot to offer for adventure seekers, and nature lovers like us on 4th March 2018 we decided to visit a very popular game every adventure, and nature camp this jungle lodges, and resorts property is situated right inside the Kaveri wildlife sanctuary in manga district of Karnataka, and is just hundred, and five kilometres from Bangalore since the camp is just three hours drive from Bangalore we started our journey at 9 a.m. and took the canoe pura route the last 30 kilometers drive that goes through the century is scenic act well-known visit study Missouri adventure, and nature camp, and were greeted with a melodious chirping of birds, and cool breeze the staff offered us a glass of fresh lemonade, and escorted us to a cottage -. So we just completed the checking formalities, and now we are headed to our cottage we have booked much change, and what you’ve seen that side these are all dentists cottages the resort offers four different types of accommodations tented cottages log Heights mud cottages, and bamboo huts we had booked a mud cottage which was situated at the far end next to the last tented cottage.

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So this is our mud house, and now let’s get inside, and find out how the mic quartet is a simple rustic, and clean accomodation with a small porch that overlooks a basalt ground surrounded by thick forest it was a distant room with all the basic amenities one would need while away from home a nice not. So luxurious yet as private as it could be setup we quickly unpacked freshened up, and then headed towards the dining area going curd for lunch hey guys. So we are going to have lunch now it’s 1:30 p.m. and then we’ll see what else we have to do in the day, and then in the evening the dining area is a little away from the tented cottages, and mud cottage. But is closer to the log huts, and bamboo hut the idyllic setting of the log hugs, and the gold curl overlooking the river Kaveri blends beautifully with the jungle behind the dining space was spacious huge, and well-maintained offering a 360-degree view of the surroundings food third was a buffet meal, and as expected a variety of dishes were served food was simple tasty, and fresh after lunch we spent some lazy afternoon moments swinging in a hammock, and listening to the chattering of birds sound a wind in the trees, and rustling not leave it’s very calm, and serene place nestled in the lap of nature even though he knew Bangalore was so close by they felt like they were in the middle of nowhere the wooded setting the well laid out totalling of log hugs, and tented cottages the experience is bound to transport you, and your thoughts to a world of Enchantment, and imagery Adventure, and nature camp you can enjoy a number of fun activities trekking coracle ride bird-reading mountain biking zipline parallel walk rafting, and kayaking are some of the fun-filled adventure activities you can indulge in too even got a welcome cup of tea refreshed we then headed out to the bank of Kaveri River to indulge into some water activities that were a part of a package okay guys.

So we are going for the coracle boat ride into the Kaveri River, and let me just show you the view Thank You way to jump into that good first there was a gentle coracle boat ride for half an hour that brought home exactly how beautiful the scenery was during the half an hour boat ride we had plenty of sightings of the Indian cormorants, and ducks along with a couple of other bird species lyrically this computer is internal what in crocodile is swimming around was thrilling, and adventurous being on the river also allowed us a spectacular view of the bands, and the cottages nestled mist forest after the coracle ride it was time for gaiking which was against fun, and relaxing on a return to show they decided to spend some quiet moments together on the bank the company of silently flowing Kaveri cool breeze, and the forest landscape dotted with rocks, and a beautiful sunset filled our heart with happiness peace, and serenity on our return at 7:30 p.m. at campfire, and barbecue was organized on the banks of the river tea, and snacks was served followed by dinner at goal girl at 8:30 p.m. and then they retired for the night hey friends a very Hey it’s the March, and it’s Sunday, and look at this beautiful morning over here since we have no words to describe how amazing it feels right now, and okay. So the guys are getting morning tea for us, and after the tea this will be going for a nature walk, and it’s going to be a night very mild trekking into the forest which we are looking forward to, and very excited about. So we’re just sitting for the tea, and it’s going to be a lot of fun we both bright, and early to the sound of chirping birds freshened up, and had tea, and then headed out to enjoy the forest the camp had arranged an early-morning Trek above the riverbank the 20 minutes trek up the hilltop may seem a bit difficult.

But it’s worth it hey guys 4hd climb up hill, and that is the point we are coming home the rocky trail took us to a watch star that provides an excellent vantage point to view the picturesque breathtaking surroundings, and the view of the mighty Kaveri River after spending some time reading the beautiful landscape we made our way back to the camp hey guys. So we are returning back to the camp now the hike wasn’t easy. But it was totally worth it we got a breathtaking view of the cavity reserve forest from the watchtower would be held off, and it was really beautiful guys now we are headed towards a clamp, and it’ll go for a coracle boat ride, and then have breakfast, and then check out fresh coconut water right after the trek wiped off the tiredness, and worked as an energy booster we then headed to the bank for a coracle boat ride mainly to watch Birds after having breakfast at 8:30 p.m. it was time for checkout hey guys. So it’s time for us to check out Santa we’ll start talking about image free nature camp as expectations from Pilates, and resorts property is beautiful, and is located at a very scenic location inside the car very reserved forest the hospitality is good, and the stables also wonderful a nice place to spend your weekend you can usually spend one or two days over here. But I think more than that it will become a little boring it might get a little boring.

Because it will be you know. Because you’ll be repeating all the activities over, and over. So yes good for two days staying I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and if you did please give this post a big thumbs up give us a comment, and share this post with your friends, and let others also know about this beautiful opportunity. So close to Bangalore strictly, I’ll try from Bangalore. So you can just come over anytime, and if you have not commentd our blog yet don’t forget to comment our blog India kuhmo to get notified of our future troubles II to upload, and thanks for reading be measuring nature, and adventure camp in Karnataka is the rustic getaway with modern facilities deep in the heart of the forest whether you are looking for an action-packed adventure or just a chance to get closer to nature this jungle dodges, and resorts property is just the place for it I hope you enjoy reading this post, and found the review useful give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and comment our blog India gumo for more travel posts click the following links to watch more travel posts from us, and thanks for reading Oh.

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