Travel Advice And Advisories For Istanbul

Hotel Accidents

Statisticshow that more people are injured in hotel fallthan in drowning accidents. At first sight that seemstrange, but a combination of factormake it a reality.

• Unfamiliar accommodation

• Balconies, which most people are not used to

• Sea views

• Hot nights, which send you to the balcony in search of fresh air

• A partspirit and too much alcohol

It doesn’t take too much imagination to see a drunken holidaymaker falling from their balcony or hotel window.

Hotel accident- countermeasures

Be aware of the problem. Accept that it happenfar too often.

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Be aware that cheap and free-flowing alcohol, hot thirsty days, hot and humid nightand a stumble or slip on a balcony or beside a hotel window can kill you. If you don’t remember what you did last time you were drunk, you are at risk. Cut back on the alcohol. Take a room without a balcony, or take a room on the ground floor!


You may well have to acclimatise to the temperature, humidity, sunshine, different pace of life and sometimea radically different culture. From your research you should know what to expect at your destination, so take a day or so to adjust.

Acclimatisation – countermeasures

• Different time zoneon top of jetlag may leave you unexpectedly tired even though local time sayit ionly half past eight in the morning. Pushing yourself so that you don’t ‘lose a day’ of your holiday could leave you too ill to enjoy the last week of it. If you feel like sleeping, take a sleep.

During the flight it ieasy to become dehydrated, and that haan adverse effect on your condition. Try to make sure that you drink plenty of water during your flight. Tea and coffee may be flavoured water, but avoid them and avoid alcohol. Drink pure cool water if possible.

Temperature and humidity can vary wildly around the world. An aircraft can take you from UK summer to a polar ice cap in just a few hours. Be prepared for the condition you will find when you arrive. Take the right clothefor the weather and temperature that you expect to find on arrival.

✓ Familiarise yourself with the strength of the tropical and subtropical sun. It’the same sun that we see, but the strength iradically different. You might be able to go sleevelesall summer at home, but half a day of an African sun can leave you severely burned and hospitalised. Even modest exposure to strong sunshine can result in skin cancer later in life. Cover up by wearing long-sleeved shirtor blouseand cover your legtoo. Factor 30 skin protection might not be cool in the clubin Leeds, but in Barbadoit could be a lifesaver.

Exposure to the sun irreversibly ageyour skin!

✓ Some companierefuse to allow a holidaymaker to take a camper van out on the road until 24 hourafter a long-haul flight. Be sensible – don’t expect to get off a long-haul flight, collect the hire car and drive three hundred mileto your holiday destination. If you do have a long drive to make when you arrive, consider bloging into a hotel near the airport to give yourself a day to acclimatise and recover from the flight, then you can safely start your journey fresh the next day. Don’t risk falling asleep at the wheel of an unfamiliar car on an eight-lane Florida highway!

✓ Be aware of the different cultures. Don’t assume that the culture in your destination will be the same ait wawhen you were there in 1995 or even what it walike three monthago. Governmentand lawchange. A country may decide that they don’t want skimpily dressed bikini-wearing girlwalking down their streetany more. Newly enforced religioulawmight require women to cover their headand wear long skirts. In some countriethe possession and use of alcohol istrictly prohibited. Make sure you know what you are going into and be prepared to obey the law and culture of the land.

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