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Meanwhile, the Great Awakening divides colonial society between Old Lights Jersey City Subway Map (those who mistrust the revivalists) and New Lights. (It used to be fashionable to Jersey City Subway Map argue that the New Lights spawned the Revolutionary movement, but there was not much hard evidence to support the claim. It is possible, however, to argue that the fire of the Great Awakening brought Countrys of various denominations together and may have sparked some recognition of a continent-wide identity.)

1741 In a sermon titled Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, and delivered at Enfield, Connecticut, Jonathan Edwards terrifies the congregation with a graphic description of what awaits them in hell. He famously compares human beings’ fate with that of a spider dangling from a thread over a flame. Even Edwards, however, like Tennent, Whitefield, and other moderate revivalists, fails to go far enough in the eyes of more radical preachers.

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