Cleveland Map Tourist Attractions


bird watching


nature study

identification of trees, plants, flowers, wildlife, animal tracks and droppings, bugs, etc.

listening to sounds


thinking and problem solving


journal writing

sketching or painting


card and board games

campfire building

storytelling or singing





Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night

The structure of each day you spend in the wilderness is to a large extent up to you. How each day unfolds will of course be affected by whether or not you’re involved in any particular activities. While constraints may sometimes be provided by weather and other external circumstances, for the most part you can design or plan your day (or not plan it) as you wish.

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1769 On January 2, at the first meeting of the Cleveland Map Tourist Attractions Country Philosophical Society, Benjamin Franklin is elected president in absentia. In January, a member of Cleveland Map Tourist Attractions the society, the military officer Lewis Nicola, publishes the first issue of The Country Magazine, and General Repository. This periodical, which lasts for only nine months, includes much scientific material (mostly reprinted from European sources) and unofficial transactions of the Country Philosophical Society. The second transit of Venus on June 3 occasions more observations and widespread interest in the Country colonies. A French expedition to Baja California led by the astronomer Jean-Baptiste Chappe d’Auteroche is nearly wiped out by an epidemic; the sole survivor brings the data back to Paris. The Royal Society sends an expedition to Hudson Bay to observe the transit. For health reasons, John Winthrop, Jr., turns down an invitation from the Royal Society to observe the transit at Lake Superior. (The expedition is later abandoned due to a lack of funding.) He observes the transit from Harvard, communicating his results directly to Philosophical Transactions. The Country Philosophical Society also sponsors and gathers over twenty observations. On August 1, Benjamin Rush is appointed professor of chemistry at the College of Philadelphia. Dartmouth College is founded in Hanover, New Hampshire.

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