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Maths nerds go wild for a Mobius strip, but it’s unlikely you’ll find them semi-naked and pole dancing at Mobius the club, the subterranean refuge of Hobart’s beat seekers. Located around the corner from the Constitution Dock entertainment precinct, Mobius opens late, closes late and requests that you adhere to Mobius law: no aggro, no attitude, no footy teams, no bucks’ parties, and if the local cop Pete says no, then that’s a no-go too. The chilled-out enforcement of this code of conduct helps maintain Mobius’ rep as one of Tasmania’s most relaxed drinking venues. Once inside the cavernous little hideaway you’ll realise you’re in a sandstone bunker. If you’re at all claustrophobic you may feel your chest tighten, so head straight to the bar to settle your nerves. Owner Benny wants you to drink only the finest liquor, recommending top-shelf rum and tequila over Tooheys (for which he charges extra to dissuade the uncultured palate). Not that you need a fat wallet to enjoy yourself here: Cascades are only $5, and there’s rarely a cover charge, so you’ll have money left over to pay your maths tutor. But it’s the dance floor that’s the strongest magnet at Mobius. DJs work real decks playing beat-centric tunes from old-skool hip-hop jams through dub, with a little Salt-n-Pepa, a whole lot of scratching and most definitely no top 40 hits. Just like a Mobius strip, some patrons at Mobius club may appear non-orientable and lacking in boundaries, but it’s all good, pull-nopunches fun, so get your groove on and let’s party!

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