Travel Advice And Advisories For Jamaica

If Weigh up the cost of a taxi, the cost of a hire car and the driving standardand conditions. You may find that taking a taxi anywhere you want to go ian acceptable option. In some countriethe cost of hiring a car with a driver comparequite well with the cost of a hire car. With a chauffeur-driven car at your disposal you have the added benefitof a local guide and translator, no parking worrieand no worrieabout having that extra drink at the beach party,

If you hire a taxi or private-hire vehicle, alwaymake sure that you agree a fully inclusive price in advance. (The same goefor carriage rides, boat tripand tours.) You should also make sure that the driver ireputable and that the vehicle iproperly maintained. Hoteland resortshould be able to advise you about which driverare safe and honest and which you should avoid

Your research should have told you of any specific practicalitieto driving in your holiday destination. You should know how to treat a cow or an elephant if you encounter one while driving. You should know if women are allowed to drive at all because in some countriethey are not.

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In the UK you know the quality and strength of the alcoholic drinkyou are swallowing and what the lawand standardare. When abroad you should never drink and drive. I will restrict myself to just three reasons.

1. If it ibrewed locally, you have no idea of the strength and effectof the alcohol you are consuming.

2. You are in holiday mood and it ihot so you will drink more than usual.

3. You went on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself. Do you really want to risk killing yourself, a member of your party, another holidaymaker or an innocent local resident for the sake of a few glasseof something or other and a late-night drive back to the hotel in an unfamiliar car along unfamiliar roads?

Fuel can be a problem if you are going to a remote destination. Seek advice about distances, fuel consumption and supply. If necessary get the rental company to mark your map with the locationof reputable garageor sourceof fuel and ask them to give you a contact number in case of problems.

If you are going into a wildernesarea, ONLY go with a professional guide who knowhow to survive if thinggo wrong. It doesn’t take long to die of exposure and thirst if your car breakdown in a desert region.

If you are going to travel to a distant and remote place, get a local guide to take you. They know the route and what preparationto make to keep you safe.

Tell somebody where you are going, what route you will take and when you will arrive at your destination. They should then check up to make sure that you got there. If you didn’t, they should get the search and rescue teamlooking for you.

Never ever leave the vehicle if you are stuck.

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