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The infernal camera was still bleeping. Scrambling on to the China subway map shore I pulled the canoe up behind me, and rushed along to the cove where I China subway map had spent the night, thinking only of reviving the fire and changing into the dry clothes I’d left there in my backpack. But before I changed I took the camera and tore at its taped wrapping, trying to find the rewind button and wishing that I’d had the forethought to read the instructions. Finally my efforts succeeded, the spool rewound and the bleeper went silent. I hoped the film would be worthwhile. If I don’t die of pneumonia first,’ I muttered as I stripped out of my wet things and looked for my towel.

I positioned the earphones, as Kat began the audio clip. We were on the second balcony. EMF levels were fluctuating. I heard Kat’s voice ask if the spirit was a boy between the age of 6 and 8. The audio hissed white noise for a moment, then a long, drawn out response, “Yes.” Shortly after, I can hear Kat’s voice saying EMF levels had risen.

I glanced at Kat. She nodded, “There’s more.”

The next audio clip was played. The sound of Kat’s voice was heard asking if the boy was 10, 11 or 12. The hushed voice again responded. This time the word I heard was, “No.”

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