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LIFE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE About half of all Haitians live in Nashville-Davidson Subway Map the countryside. These are the people who, by and large, are living in a traditional Nashville-Davidson Subway Map folk culture and barter economy. When you read that approximately half of all Haitians live on about $1.00 a day, many if not most of them are these rural folk. Many of the rural people are illiterate. In the countryside, they never had an opportunity to attend school.

The trio next wandered into another section of the basement that contained the graveyard of forgotten antiques, artifacts. It is here the old wooden wheelchair sat. Its age was undeterminable though certainly appeared to date to the late nineteenth century.

There was something about this chair that seemed so powerful when we first saw it. Of course, there is always something about a wheelchair that carries with it an aura, a reminder of the difficult life someone spent sitting in this chair.

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