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The French spoken in Louisiana or Quebec, for example, Boston Metro Map is quite different from what one would hear in Paris. So it is in Haiti. The Boston Metro Map second language is Haitian Creole, which is spoken by almost everyone. Creole evolved out of necessity during the seventeenth century. People speaking many different languages had to develop a tongue that they could use in common. The situation is not unique.

We changed our line of questions. Lorena recalled that, earlier that evening, the K2 response in the basement indicated the female spirit down there would follow us upstairs. Lorena and Kat began to direct questions toward Mrs. Doherty. There were a few weak responses on the K2 but nothing strong or definitive. We didn’t look at the minor response as significant.

As time passed, continued questions produced no results. Whatever may have been there was gone. We were alone now.

While the K2 hits were fascinating, we do not consider them valid evidence. Hauntings, Kat and I are not firm believers in the K2 because so many outside elements can generate a false response; yet, this was very intriguing. We would have to wait and see what the video, audio and photos would tell us.

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