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10 Tyler St. Boston; (617) 542-5857 Peking Cuisine’s owners proudly exhibit a photograph of the day Larry Bird dined at their restaurant. Clearly, the ex-Celtic knows what he’s doing on the court and at the table. Peking Cuisine is one of Chinatown’s few Mandarin restaurants, offering such authentic fare as braised pig feet and broiled eel.

Whether Larry tried these exotic items, Mine has no idea. He himself gravitated to some of the more standard dishes on the vast menu (238 items!) like various moo shu entrees for $6.75. Branching out a bit, fiesh squid with curry sauce is $8.50, and an awe-inspiring sizzling platter of shrimp, beef, chicken and veggies is $9.75. The health craze has even touched Chinatown: Peking Cuisine now offers a Revolution Diet selec-

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