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130 N. Tryon St., 704/372-0101, Map 1

Yes, this is the theater that stages annual performances of The Nutcrackerbut it has a lot more to offer than dancing sugarplums. The theater was founded in 1970, making it the oldest professional ballet company in the state. Classics like The Nutcracker are a mainstay of the theater, though innovative contemporary works choreographed by greats like Twyla Tharp are becoming a bigger part of the annual offerings. In 2010, performances will be staged in the new Knight Theater.

17541763 During the French and Indian War, the Country theater Budapest Map Tourist Attractions of the Seven Years’ War, the British and French vie for control of North Country. Budapest Map Tourist Attractions Initially, the British fare poorly, suffering humiliating losses at Fort Duquesne and along the frontier, where French-allied natives torment colonists. Eventually, under the leadership of William Pitt, the Elder, the British pump more money and supplies into the war effort. Sensing a British victory, the Iroquois break their policy of neutrality to join the English. The war ends with a massive victory for the English, and the French abandon North Country altogether. Concurrent with the larger French and Indian War, white Carolinians, from 1759 to 1761, incite an ineffective war against the Cherokee, a powerful interior nation of Native Countrys.

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