Maotai Map

Province: Guizhou

Area:’/2sq. miles. Population: 10,000

Maotai is situated at 106°22’E and 27°49’N, about 150km/90 miles north of the provincial capital of Guiyang.

From the latter it is possible to proceed by train to Zunyi and from there by bus to Maotai.

A few hundred years ago Maotai was just a small village. In 1741 a harbour was built which became the main shipping centre for salt imported from the province of Sichuan. In the ensuing period the port underwent rapid development as a result ofthe growing number of distilleries established there.

Although today Maotai has become an important trading centre for the provinces of Guizhou and Sichuan, it has retained its almost medieval townscape with stone steps, narrow alleyways and houses built in the traditional Chinese style.

Maotai is famous all over the world for its spirit, which has the same sort of reputation as Scotch whisky and French brandy.

The high percentage (53°) spirit is distilled from sorghum and wheat, using a complicated distillation procedure. In China the drink symbolises hospitality and is served at almost all official banquets and celebrations. Its unmistakable aroma is a result of the lengthy and costly production process, which involves eight fermentation and seven distillation stages, as well as several years’ storage in a special cellar.

The factory lies in the centre of the town and produces an average of 1500 tons of Maotai spirits a year.

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