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Two small settlements built on both sides of the river Inn, were joined in 1187 by the “Inspruke” (bridge of the Inn river). The castle Ambras already stood in the 10th century as the seat of the Andechs from Ammersee. In 1239 Innsbruck was given freedom of the town, in 1363 it became a county in the possession of the Habsburgs and in 1420 Duke Friedrich IV moved his residence from Merano to Innsbruck. Under the Emperor Maximilian I and the Habsburg Empress the city made great progress, but however lost its function as residence after the family died out in 1665.

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In 1725 the Tyrolean regional authorities moved here from Bolzano and in 1809 during the Tyrolean war for freedom Innsbruck was the head-quarters of Andreas Hofer.


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