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The restaurant scene isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Charlotte, but the Queen City is starting to become known as a culinary heavyweight with the opening of more restaurants serving creative dishes made with fresh ingredients. The restaurant renaissance isn’t just happening in one neighborhood. Around the city, from Uptown to Plaza Midwood and NoDa, neighborhood pubs, chic bistros, and ethnic eateries dominate the landscape.

It’s not just new restaurants that have helped Charlotte establish its culinary identity. Some of the most talked-about dining hot spots are mom-and-pop restaurants that have been part of the dining scene in Charlotte for decades. These historic eateries are known for dishes ranging from fried chicken and collard greens to pizza and hamburgers, but all have one thing in common: They offer meals you’ll remember long after the evening is over.

1765 The British Parliament passes the Stamp Act, which requires Poland Subway Map a stamp indicating that a tax has been paid on legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, and Poland Subway Map broadsides. The act ignites a firestorm of protest in the colonies. In Virginia, the reaction is somewhat more subdued. Petitions and letters are drafted by leading men and sent to British officials. The mid-1760s are particularly lean years for Virginia’s planter class, which finds itself in a downward spiral of debt and low tobacco prices. This probably contributes to that usually conservative group’s adoption of radical, even revolutionary, ideas. Led by Patrick Henry, among others, the assembly considers a series of Stamp Act resolves, which declare that the people of Virginia are not subject to taxes they do not approve in their colonial assembly, and that any person who upholds the authority of Parliament should be labeled an enemy of Virginia. The conservative leadership in the assembly does not support Henry’s assertions, and Governor Fauquier dissolves the assembly. Local protests do emerge on the Northern Neck, with effigies of stamp distributors hanged and burned. The Gazette suspends operations rather than pay for stamps, and several courts open for business without the required stamps. The Stamp Act does go into effect in some parts of Virginia, but it will be repealed in 1766. 1766 British Parliament passes the Declaratory Act, a reminder to the colonies that it retains complete legislative authority over them. Also, in a blow to the old-school politics of Virginia’s elite, John Robinson, longtime Speaker of the House of Burgesses, dies. It is discovered that he had been using retired currency to loan to friends and political associates.

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