This is the most beautiful beach in the entire world. I’ve had the opportunity to visit knock upon beach three years in a row the first in 2018 the second in 2018. And just recently at the very end of 2017 with the rising tourism in El Nido is this still the most beautiful beach in the entire world the waves are really strong today here at cool iron resort we’ve been warned that the Coast Guard may actually shut down transport coming back to the resort.


So we’re prepared for that we’ve got money to stay at a hotel in town if that happens I’d be disappointed not to be able to come back to paradise, but we are here to explore. So let’s do it we’re gonna be doing a hike today that is arguably one of the most treacherous hikes. I’ve ever done, it’s very very sharp cliffs, it’s sudden drop-offs hopefully we make it back alive fingers are crossed.

I get to stay here tonight because nothing in town will compare with this also my camera, it’s slowly starting to crap out on me which the way things are going on this trip. I’m surprised it just hasn’t completely broken down already, this is the breaking point of all my equipment everything is going out on me. And hopefully the 1dx will withstand this final trip.

I need to send it in regardless after this one the island security team hello how are, you doing what’s a good Filipino word for today. I need to learn a word every single day how do, you say safety in Tagalog Nick pass like lib toss lip lick toss it toss leg toss a leg toss yes word of the day like toss. I mean safety brought to, you by the safety team here at the resort.

So, you can see here the waves are pretty strong, but the concern is not the waves now, it’s the waves later in the day typically waves always pick up during the evening just. I get that tell the tides work or something. I’m no wave tall adjust or anything like that, but that’s what.

I was told. And that’s what. I’m sharing with, you that was the worst time, you could have picked, you pick the worst timing I’m.

So concerned there for my cat. I mean for, you for your safety really pretty much on storm watch. And we just passed by these two guys they’re just sending it in the little kayak they got their little orange reflective floaty vests on.

And they’re just going out into the oceans their kayak. And then they just give us this look in there like yeah not all heroes wear capes right no their life jackets yeah they were held about that. So our goal for the day let me show, you what we’re gonna climb we have reached the top took about 45 minutes probably been a bit less actually pretty quick and, you can actually hear the church service going on.

So, you can hear the church bells from here, you can oversee the entire little village, it’s beautiful. I don’t think. I’ve ever sweat.

So much in my life. I sure could be Ringo and, you yep there’s water coming out of it sweat that is gross. I know means is this a surprise, but, it’s actually very interesting to see all this development going up because like.

I said. I’ve been here three years now in a row basically. And every year, you see another step up in development, but this time, it’s substantial.

I mean everything has been pretty much two storeys at most. And now, you see like huge hotels going up. I mean it was bound to happen let’s be honest, it’s another reason that staying at places like Kauai.

And resort. And he’s like private islands is that much more attractive now because that remote El Nido feeling may not be here for long. And we’re actually meeting up today with a friend of mine yarrow, you know how’s it going good right now we got ourselves three bikes.

And we’re gonna go explore a little bit basically there’s another Beach about 20 minutes away we’re gonna go check that out today is also his birthday happy 25th five-thirty feel that when, you buy so much case, you have to bring up the accountant yeah today’s post sponsor is cake. And pastries cake on, you want a photo with them BPUT I’ll take the photo he’s still single by the way, it’s surprising we were like building the Jamie up to be something special.

And they’re like oh. I see an actor and. I like have, you heard of one direction.

And they’re like wait what. And. I’m like yeah, you know nyle.

So they’re gonna go like see the photos look compared to Google later. I think that might be a little disappointed which. I kind of feel slightly bad about, but, you know a moment of Fame man feels good do direction, it’s that can even have a blend stuff all right and, you got your cake.

So the reason. I’m here in the Philippines right now is because. I actually released an entire Philippines Travel Guide do, you guys want to check out the five Hot Tips of the Philippines, it’s completely free, it’s linked to my bio, but nonetheless one of the things in my guide in my full tourism Philippines guy that like goes through Cebu in Palawan was to go to el nido.

And to go up tarik cliff, but one of the things. I say in the post guide is like very hesitantly only climb it at your own risk if you’re in good shape because, it’s such a sketchy climb turns out last year somebody fell. And actually gravely hurt themselves.

I don’t know how badly, but nonetheless the mayor actually announced that tarik lip was no longer Klima below now there is good news to that. I suppose. And that is that they’ve now opened up a canopy walk.

So for 400 pesos we’re now gonna do a safer alternative. I don’t think it gets, you quite as high, but hopefully still get to that shot because the photo. I got on top was one of the best.

I’ve ever gotten. I went to the trekking business. And they make, you wear a helmet they make, you put on a harness for like a very very no tame down version of what thar cliff was and.

I don’t want to be that guy who’s like oh, it’s not cool anymore, but, it’s really not that cool if you have to do all that stuff. So we’re gonna pass on that for now that’s a poisonous looking snake big did that poisonous yes yes yeah he’s not looking. So hot yeah she’s a goner he’s like tickling the back of my leg with it.

So we just took our bikes headed from El Nido property pretty much here. I just found these on the side of the road somebody else’s lost is my game now. I’ve got that eye protection game going thank you.

So we came down the road. And, it’s kind of like last time, it’s super bumpy, it’s basically just like loose gravel. And pack down sand that’s become like ramps.

And Hills, it’s pretty fun to ride on, but very bumpy, you just gotta send it though that’s been us. And beautiful day. So we came down the road.

And, it’s kind of like last time, it’s super bumpy, it’s basically just like loose gravel. And pack down sand that’s become like ramps. And Hills, it’s pretty fun to ride on.

So the question stands is this still the most beautiful beach in the entire world. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that tourism had not really taken over there were some vendors. And a couple businesses that had set up on the beach, but for the most part this was still a very quiet beach relative to the size not fond to several kilometers long.

And it is just pristine white sand beaches surrounded by beautiful blue water luckily it still has room to grow, but every year it will get one step closer to becoming the next Boracay it is still the most beautiful beach. I have ever come across in all my three years of traveling across the world. And trust me.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful beaches my biggest advice for, you is that if you plan to travel the Philippines and, you want to see the beautiful beaches it has to offer make sure to put a knock upon on your list. And get here sooner than later so. I think, this is one of those things where, you just don’t ask what’s inside of it, but on the bright side it says it has vitamin B.

So that’s good, you know, it’s the most concentrated like sugary carbonated drink. I’ve ever had go brand-new Jeana another sponsor of today’s post it tastes like Red Bull concentrate yeah exactly that sidekick that good it oh. So sweet, it’s still the incredible beautiful beach that it once was definitely busier there’s people selling things on the beach there’s people renting out beach chairs which kind of sucks, but honestly look past those things.

And you’ll still see this incredible endless white sand beach the blue water the mountains. I’m very very happy to be back here, it’s a great scooter ride to get here, it’s a lot of fun, it’s only about 45 minutes if you’re going pretty slow outside of El Nido. And if you’re speeding your way around, you probably get here in half an hour.

So we just made it back in time for the 4:30 boat going back to Hawaiian resort yeah we literally had to book it back with our scooters drop them off. And we can enjoy our night there, it’s been an amazing stay here can he’ll need oh. And tomorrow.

I’m going somewhere new that. I’ve never been before but I believe, it’s like the rising trend of pull out explore that our final moments here at the resort, this is our last drop-off.

So nice just like the feeling of arriving after a long day, it’s the best feeling because, you know they’re gonna have a good dinner a nice a seed room. And one thing that it really strikes me as is a nice place to come for couples. I mean let’s be honest if you’re at the resort you’re probably not going out late like your nights are fairly early, but, it’s a very romantic place, but of a funny place for Jamy nights come together, but nonetheless make sure, it’s something unique beautiful romantic experience ten would recommend for your Instagram or tumblr that does not get old right there.

I’m gonna up in today’s post here because. I’m gonna be honest tonight there’s not gonna be a whole lot going on Jamie and. I are gonna get dinner we’re gonna do some late night editing we’re gonna probably try to edit a couple posts tonight guys if you’re new to my blog.

I want to say welcome my name is Christian if you want to see more posts like this hit the comment button right up there if you’re coming to the Philippines. I’ve actually made an entire Travel Guide for, you it’ll help, you decide whether, you go to Cebu to Paulo on what, you should pack in your bag how to make the most of your trip if that’s what, you want to learn more about then click right here to get the five hot tips to the Philippines, it’s completely free it’ll get, you prepared for your trip. And signing off here from Kauai on resort let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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