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Oh guys welcome to mojo surf camp yeah its emojos surf camp near stem thing the night here.

And first we’re going to do let’s go through surfing lessons Oh guys. I don’t three that’s also your names all at once ready 123 alright. So today I’ll try not to bore, you too much game we’re just going to go through two little cool here.

And then we’re going to get some Sun cream on wrap some surfboards just go. And get wet mix it up at is that cool yeah alright. So, it’s like wind really just out in the ocean up lying on a cup of tea or coffee, it’s going to have this little ripple effect.

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And that’s what we call swell going to start doing these lads doing Europe guys explain okay the kids coming up the beach pushing up the beach hitting our shadows sandbank speaking up. And that’s when the pool was already had waves which are spitting. And dumping ways do, you reckons the best ones going with surfing guys with your ginger damn painting is it gonna go spilling trying to kill me didja didja stand up yet, you set up yet awesome, you chiffon Raya.

I was amazing okay. I’m Rick. I’m the night manager at mojo.

I’m the dude that make sure when, you can prove to surf camp that, you have an amazing time. I make sure these parties are pumped up. And continued go out away from here, this is Rick Rick just works.

And Ricky’s awesome looking at people. I’m like Richard Branson whether correct do big works in the toilets big tits. And a cat a work good job are rig does not do anything, but clean the toilet basically when, you come to surf camp, you are very very well can we make, you like your family’s nanny.

So when, you get on the course. And you’ll get off the bus, it’s like yes, this is home for the 24 hours the balloon from so much chef only with your feet, you can’t do after 20 seconds.

I got a short. I gotta start the balloon. I’m something music and.

I really don’t have it anymore. I was going out welcome to Sidney guys oh my gosh oh my gosh my gosh yes. So we’re in Sydney which means one thing it is the end of our tour our 15-day beaches.

And reefs tour ending look at this view guys give the Opera House, you have the Sydney Harbour porridge, you can’t get any more better than that BAM Ralph provides the shell of the two of, you guys we we set it up. So, you guys can have a fantastic tired. And see this amazing country.

And that. And just to really enjoy it for what it is. And and.

I always say we’ve got that she’ll. And then, it’s up to, you guys to fill in the blanks and. I have to say, you guys are done.

And absolutely stellar job at filling in the bikes on this tool, you guys have taken these two out with both hands grab the by the neck. And absolutely strangle the hell out of it, it’s been that very impressive to see, you guys get amongst it. And take all those opportunities because there’s.

So many that we throw out, you and, you guys just be that lap it up. And on absolutely. I want to prevent, you for your attitudes your positive energy, it’s the tool just run.

So much better. And people are like yeah let’s go we’ve got some stuff to go. And see instead of the thing, you know the negatives that peanut can ever really happens along the way it always find negatives, but it said, it’s always great to learn to keep those positive attitudes going so.

I thank, you very very much. And thank yourselves for that because, it’s just made a your experience hopefully for the last couple weeks. And that much better.

So give yourselves a big cheer we grabbed applause thank, you very much guys. ?

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