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SAA Voyager Miles

If you would rather not lug around cases of wine or bottles of perfume, Voyager members can earn and spend their

Voyager Miles by making use of the buy before you fly’ duty-free shopping. Orders can be made via the online store, FlySAA Duty Free, anywhere between three months and three days before the flight. You can then decide whether you want to have your goods delivered to you at your seat on your inbound or outbound flight. Plus, if you subscribe to the FlySAA Duty-Free Newsletter, you’ll receive discounts, and be alerted to promotions. Voyager Miles only apply to duty-free products bought via the online store, not on the ground. See

Doctor knows best Dr. Beckmann Travel Wash is a laundry must. Whether it’s a famiy holiday abroad or a business trip, never travel without it. R22 for 100ml,

Flight-size bottles Perfect for carrying beauty goodies in hand-luggage, as they’re within volume restrictions.

Go Travel 100ml Cabin-Approved Bottles, R159 for four, Clicks

Easy Living goes on holiday

And here’s what she’s packing!

Keep it locked The QVS Travel Security Set has a coded lock, external suitcase safety belts, and a name tag, to lock and tag, plus make it easier to identify y°ur bag. R230, Woolworths

All together

Designed for your travel paraphernalia, from your tickets, to passport, and cash.

Religions, Native Country Native Country religions have always been philosophically and socially complex, as well as intimately tied to the historical experiences of the communities that espouse them. For instance, many Native Countrys would insist that their people had no religion, as the term is understood by nonnatives. Some would argue that native belief cannot be separated from the everyday experiences of individual Native Countrys and their collective experience of ritual life. Several crucial differences between Native Country religions and European religions led early Europeans to misinterpret or disparage native beliefs. Native peoples conceived of sacred power in a spatial way: certain places were extraordinarily sacred, and the ways in which things were arrayed in space was fundamentally important. The beliefs of native communities were often tied to specific features of their surrounding landscape, and certain lakes and mountains took on special significance for those who lived near them. Time tended to be a more important concept to European religions, which also were readily transferable across space. Secondly, native religions place great emphasis on communal ceremonial practice. Vine Deloria, a leading native scholar, has argued that Native Countrys participate in ceremonies not for their own benefit, but for the good of the community as a whole. Consequently, individual transgressions could harm the spiritual well-being of the entire community.

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