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You welcome to Curitiba no one is the green city this place has parks for days let’s go stroll around town, and breathe in a little that fresh Curitiba air come on thanks to some exceptional urban planning in the 50s, and 60s Curitiba has become internationally recognized as a model green city home to over 2 million residents with more than 150 square miles of public parks, and forests Curitiba has been voted one of the best places to live in all of Latin America after a full day of exploring the park scene I was invited by some local friends to a special culinary event called Mesa vivo for famous Brazilian chefs came to Kody Chiba.

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And created dishes on live television that day, and then presented them to a small group of friends, and peers that evening somehow I was lucky enough to be on the list we started off with some Rose a bubbly paired with a spin on some local favorites like bohemian sausage, and steak tartare then it was white wine with scallops paratha, and a dash of dulce de leche, and the main course was red wine, and costella or ribs with bean Yong a local nut.

And fermented pineapple for dessert we had this delicious light, and fluffy coconut cream with apples, and honey over a drizzle chocolate mousse it was an incredible evening that opened up my eyes to the culinary movement happening here in southern Brazil, and I was so thankful to be a part of it the next morning I was up early to go explore more of downtown curly Chiba, and taken all the sights, and the sounds of this wonderful city after cruising around the city I met back up with my local friends for a more traditional approach to Brazilian cooking we talked about life, and could achieve over delicious meat, and kobir as my perception of Brazil brought in once again, I’m sure, I’ll be back to Cody Chiba again soon, and for nothing else than some good home cooking until next time we Travel.

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