Complete NYC Helicopter Tour

Why walk another city block when you could check out New York City by helicopter? All right, now that we’re airborne you get a great view to our left of Brooklyn, New York, one of the five boroughs. This post on our flight we’re gonna fly North on the Hudson River and we’ll take a look at downtown Manhattan, home to The New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street. The Chrysler Building, that’s the pointed building to the left of the Empire State Building. Now we’re gonna come up past Yankee Stadium. As I said you’ll see some activity because they’re getting ready for their game against the White Sox in a couple hours. Now the next island to the left, that’s Ellis Island. Ellis Island was an Immigration Processing Center and used up until 1956.

Complete NYC Helicopter Tour Photo Gallery

The flat, brown building to our right with the white rim on it, that is Madison Square Garden. Well, the reactions of the passengers are second to none. That’s why I do this job. Seeing their faces, how they light up when they fly over Manhattan and take a look at one of at the world’s greatest city from the air. That’s what does it for me. Look to the right, you’ll get a great view of Central Park. The Park was opened in 1857. That’s the tallest building in New Jersey. Times Square, yep, that’s where the famous Waterford Crystal Ball drops every New Year’s Eve. So again, thank you for flying with us today. Enjoy the rest of your stay here in Manhattan. Woo, that was so much fun. Seeing New York City by helicopter, I’m gonna remember this for a long time. What a treat.

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne

Now ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Welcome aboard the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. And a special welcome to Melbourne for our guests from overseas. Interstate local visitors welcome. Now tonight’s ship we’re going to head toward St. Kahuna Beach. We’re gonna go to along this part down to the beach into a street called Eckland Street. We’re gonna move out of there heading towards Albert Park. We’re gonna stop there for 10 minutes. Strikin’ a bob, stretch your legs, take a bloody glass. After a little break, we’ll head back in towards the city, sit at Auckland and back to base about 11:30, drop you all off. Save play, look at the menu, choose your dinner, have a bit of fun, I’m gonna get the order as soon as possible. Thank you very very much, thank you.

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