Fairytale Dragon Queen in Park Güell

Beautiful day Barcelona, and park right now which, I’m so excited about I just got into the park, and it is so cute it looks. So magical, and wandering through now it’s really like fairytale land beautiful views of the city here, and it’s really whimsical fairytale like think that this is one of the most major tourist attractions in Barcelona which is really saying something, and I think right now it is around 9:00 in the morning, and if you can see behind me no one this is when to come, and it’s a Monday by the way, I’m in another part of the park now and, I’m overlooking the rest of it, and very kind of rough Rock architecture here winding little passageways in the rock this place very much reminds me of kind of a dragon’s lair very dragon like I have definitely heard that descriptor used for this park before.

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So I guess it reminds a lot of other people of dragons as well I definitely think this would be a place that Daenerys would be I can kind of picture her standing like right here right now definitely okie was like oh you’re just like a little thrown yeah this this is where she won’t be sitting overlooking her dragon palace sitting down to have my breakfast. So I have left the park it was really beautiful just like I knew it would be um it was quite a long walk here if anyone knows the city at all I am staying very close to lateralis, and I came all the way over here. So it’s a quite a walk. So I am probably going to try, and get a coffee right now I have come to an area that my Airbnb host recommended I visit. Because it was very cute, and charming, and it’s called.

So kind of by how my Airbnb host had described it to me I thought that this area was going to be very antique kind of village like in charming which in a way it is. But it’s also sophisticated there are a lot of expensive shops, and boutiques, and seems very elegant, and upscale. So it’s pretty quiet I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else. But yeah it’s more quiet not. So touristy. But it’s a really beautiful area to walk around. So if you want a more quiet, and pretty area to walk in Barcelona commands that you come to here, I’m not entirely sure I think that they can’t make concerts, and journals in there, and it’s really whatever they’re doing in there hello.

So I meant to go out for some more exploring this afternoon. But I got an email when I came home to have some lunch got an email saying that the person that is subleasing my apartment back in Richmond right now which pretty much just covers me for rent, and just means I don’t have to worry about that. But I still have my apartment they’re very very unexpectedly has just written in a very short email that they are moving on, and leaving, and yeah very sudden obviously I cannot find another person to rent my apartment. Because, I’m not even in the country. So it’s just gonna sit there, and there’s nothing that I can do bad news. But I will find a solution and, I’m already kind of thinking of some options for what to do about it things come up things happen.

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