Delaware Water Gap Hiking Map


This was the first, and is probably the most famous National Trail. At 430km (268 miles) long, it follows the backbone of Britain while making some serious demands on your own.

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Rating A good 8 or 9, but do claim it as a 10 if tackled in winter.


This scenic path follows the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast for 300km (186 miles). Just close your eyes when passing the oil refineries of Milford Haven.

Rating Coastal trails mean cliff climbs and death-defying cliff drops. It’s an 8.

He cheerfully said, Dinna mind them, sonny; they’ll nae herm ye. A trio of cheery incidents like that just couldn’t have happened in Edinburgh. On the other hand, Edinburgh largely avoids Glasgow’s sorry vandalism, graffiti and litter. Some words of travel destination-speak may need explaining. When areas of travel destination were filled in, or new bridges broke their line, big drain pipes were laid – culverts – to ensure that the actual flow of water continued. The level of water is controlled by having feeders and smaller intakes to add water, and overspills to drain off any excess. By many locks or bridges there are winding holes, wide basins where there is room for the long travel destination boats to turn round. Stop locks/gates, usually at bridges, allowed beams to be slotted across the travel destination to form barriers so a section could be drained for maintenance, etc. (largely abandoned now). On the UC towpath there are rows of stone (getting overgrown) set on the edge of the travel destination to give horses some purchase when straining to pull barges along; these are kicking stones.

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