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Part 2 of Patagonia Trekking with Intrepid Travel continues as we head into the French Valley Alright, we have reached the top or I guess the end point well not technically it is not the end point, but it’s the summit of where we are going today. This is the Frances Glacier. Pretty incredible. Little bits of glacier keep falling off it. It’s really, really cook. Sounds like thunder when it does fall. Although it’s just glacier falling which is crazy if you think about it. Anyway, we are all as you can see having a bit of lunch break, well its like a snack break I think I don’t really know when lunch was, I think we had it earlier break that was lunch. Anyway here is the mountain we climbed today. I mean, this is the mountain we climbed today, this is where we came from So yes, I climbed a mountain today It was a lot of work, and I am very sweaty. But it’s really cool cause we got to see that, and we got to see that and that. So you know, worth it.

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And now we go back down It is raining today, which is okay because today is actually transport day so there isn’t actually any hiking aside from a one hour quick hike up to a viewpoint Basically, we are switching camps. Right now we are just at a café near the catamaran waiting for the bus to depart. Waiting for the bus to depart. Catamaran is here. Alright, we can go to our bus. It is still raining less windy then our last campsite We have arrived here at Torres del Paine campsite This is our campsite for the next 2 days. You can see its slightly smaller then before What are you doing? What do you think I am doing? The difference is that before we had a cafeteria where we got meals prepared for us. This time we are preparing them ourselves. So we got this 2 tents with domes. So they are all private domes for our group and let me show you. This dome we got kitchen and then we got this dome which is chill out dome. For tomorrow, from here Refugio cuermos las torres, we are going to walk towards the hotel and over a ridge and then we are going to start hiking uphill to Refugio Chileno. It is uphill the whole time but when you got a good pace is kind of easy. When we get to Refugio Chileno we will stop there for about 15 min, 20 minutes. This next part you go though like a legro forest. It’s really, really pretty.

This last hour is 1km, but it’s very, very steep. You are going up a ravine. It is my favorite part because its different then just walking uphill. Its like scrambling. It is between hiking and scrambling. So usually to get up it takes 4, 4 1/2 hr and then we will turn around and come back down Sleep well and be prepared Alright, here we go. My little slice of paradise. Look at my cute little cozy tent. This is serious luxury Take a look at this, my sleeping bag, we got an air mattress. What is this? An air mattress?! And oh m gosh an is this a real pillow? This is supper, super luxurious Tonight I feel like its going to be an awesome sleep because do you hear that? Do you hear it? That’s right. No wind. No wind. It was so cold last night. So cold. I am literally wearing look at this, all of my layers, that I possible own This is not a horrible thing, this is a good thing, because it was cold because of the clear sky. And a clear sky means an amazing day today for our last day of hiking. It is a pretty decent trade off because I would rather be hiking in beautiful weather, then hiking in cloud and rain Today is our fourth da of hiking and our final large hike is the hike to the Torres del Paine, the towers It is the most popular hike here in Torres del Paine National Park. It is also one of the most difficult It is all uphill. But it is one of the most famous. It is what most people do. Buying an empanada? On the trek? Here on the trek. We are in Chile now. And they sell empanadas. Two empanadas. They were 3 thousand each which is.6 bucks 4.50 US Snacks for later. The tree Torres. Incredible. North, South, Central. Now it’s lunch time and photo taking time.

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