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Having turned right into East Street, proceed briefly along this Corpus Christi Map street then turn right up a signed alleyway leading to Chichester Centre of Arts, the former church Corpus Christi Map of St Andrew Oxmarket, built originally in the thirteenth century. From here there is an excellent view northwards to St Mary’s Hospital and chapel. The building has served as a hospital since it was vacated by the Franciscans in 1269. Returning to East Street, follow it westwards then turn left into North Pallant. This contains many fine town houses, Nos. 1 and 16-17 particularly impressive, with arguably the grandest being Pallant House on the left, just before the left turn into East Pallant.

Our investigation with Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators gave us an incredible opportunity to investigate the beautiful Whiting Auditorium. Here, at last, is a good example validating the fact that a place does not have to be old and creepy to hold spirit energy.

Based on the audio evidence collected, Matt, Melanie, Bev and I believe there is considerable residual spirit energy embedded throughout the auditorium. Residual energy is very similar to an audio recording that is played over and over without thought or knowledge.

There may be one or two intelligent spirits hanging around, as well. Maybe they don’t want to lose their free ticket to the next performance.

The next time you take in a show at the Whiting, keep your eyes and ears opens. It seems there is much more going on here than live stage performances.

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