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So first, I’m gonna have a chat this morning, and we definitely heard rain last night what stopped raining yes cloudy young major struggles, and I soldier she never wanted a stance there she told him she was coming. So around instead herself the thief. But the factory will miss just one little piece we’re gonna go kayaking they said we’re gonna go kayaking too like a freshwater spring. So maybe we can see yeah we forgot to give you guys a tour of the island yesterday. But I think that’s. Because we kind of just made a whole tent, and then dinner was a little bit sleepy yeah pretty much like I suppose like that almost the back of the island yeah yeah it’s pretty much like we’re coming here there’s someone camping there there, and then a few other people like, I’m pretty sure the government would have said something else, and the food is good my um when I was kayaking I hit my thumb in my nail ripped off it really really hurts you ready to see it stinging it doesn’t look bad it really stings, and all you have is pure greatness if got the galaxy she’s a son, and we just ran. So we just finished our breakfast, and we decided to explore our little island that’s nice it reminds me of like a voice to graveyard.


Because if you look at the oysters or clams. But they get everywhere just all over the rocks. But they’re all dead, and then there’s all like this beautiful see-through Emerald Bay it’s like give it it’s like clear you can see into if it’s emerald color really really pretty oh I don’t know if the camera picks it up. But it’s actually you can see if they shoot stuff I think we’re gonna pack up the kayaks now, and head up to oh yeah you forgot to tell you guys that’s the Durney guys jess has gone back. Because you didn’t want to walk on to something like loose rocks. But, I’m so glad I can’t come in. Because, and if you can see there’s a whole family of seals or sea lions that’s one on that rock, and then there’s two baby ones swimming this is incredible to just wake up to this, and be able to walk like five minutes to the other side of the island there’s a baby one I think it wants to go in the water I went to get Jess guys.

So she can come see them I decided to go for a dip just right there like not even like 30 meters I feel like they’re all looking at me when if they’re assessing me to see if, I’m a predator or not I might just turn back cuz I wanna disturb them just absolutely I can’t believe you’re just waking up here I mean it’s just wild sea monsters just relaxing in front of us it’s beautiful I like the white one mm-hmm hopefully it flops in it’s like what I look like when, I’m in the pool blah blah blah looks like such a struggle cool it’s like a sea spider don’t say that you know the way I can pick this up is by not thinking of it like a spider. But like an avatar forest yeah expect I’ve had a campfire. But it’s hiking at the moment to a yes I think you can like almost the taking water well we’re gonna take water from the lake, and then purified, and that’s what I think come here ready it’s a little bit steep beautiful it doesn’t look like a life it looks too big to be a like huge. Because some lunch, I’m hungry Oh starving hiking takes it out takes it out on you they’ve come to save us I love your jacket you ain’t like a bomber jacket like, I’m graduating they calling me method suppose reminding we done lunch, and we’re just pretty much getting back to camp strong wind, I’ll show you guys. But there’s jellyfish all through the Strait how you feeling back there. So we’re back just woke up from a nap, and now we are going to dinner it is getting a little bit windy as you can see that is nothing which means it is windy steve is putting shoes on I need to put shoes on let me go home to do that I still can’t get over the view from our camp ten thing how cool is it I definitely think it’s gonna rain today tonight say hello this nice is gonna have like the horns like a home-cooked meal made by bees everything I am I never left all right guys the Sun is now pretty much down that’s down cookies to go to bed bit, and we had a really good dinner mmm, and we’re just chatting for a just everyone just finding what everyone does, and no muscles are aching, and we need to go to bed sorry exhausted that wasn’t a good day.

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