Best Travel Destinations Abroad

Best Travel Destinations Abroad

Times were tough. World War 2 had just finished in 1945, when drought and famine plagued the land, forcing my father to turn to sailing, in his attempt to provide for his family. And, so it was that I travelled to St. Martin; and, later, further afield to its sister isle of St. Barths.

I still remember my very first visit when I beheld the flea market-like atmosphere under the big, sandbox tree in Marigot, the seaport capital of St. Martin. For all I knew then, I could have been in Paris. The awe did, however, increasingly wear off, with each successive visit.

My first trip, also by the same small, local sailing boat, to St. Barths – St. Martin’s not too distant sister isle – left even greater, more indelible memories etched in my mind; for, I came face to face with tough looking smugglers at the port.

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My father had to pull me away from staring at them, as they hand passed demijohns of rum and cases of wines and liquors. To this day, I can still vividly recall the vicious look one of those hombres gave me, a naive little boy.

So, that is how I – the poor, little, barefoot black boy – started out to be the globetrotter that I have nearly succeeded in becoming; but, still have the burning desire and full intention to; for, I have still yet to see the Middle and Far East, New Zealand and Australia, Russia and some of Europe.

There’s always a process to eventually achieving and sustaining success. First, we must evaluate; then, plan; then, implement; and, finally, repeat to more fully experience and enjoy.

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