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Voodoo was created in Haiti by African slaves in the 1500s Chad Subway Map . The Africans arrived in Haiti with their own traditional religious beliefs, but the French slave owners Chad Subway Map forced them to convert to Roman Catholicism. As such, Voodoo is a syncretic faith (a faith that incorporates features of several religions); it is a mixture of many beliefs, including Roman Catholic, West African, and even some Amerindian influences. Similar religions include New Orleans (Louisiana) Voodoo, Candomble and Umbanda in Brazil, and Arara and Santerla in Cuba. Characteristics of the faith are far too numerous and complex to describe in a short space. In brief, vodouisants (those who believe in Voodoo) worship deities called Lwa.

Lorena asks if he was angry. Yet another K2 response. She asked if he would talk into the recorder then we could listen to it later, followed by “Do you understand?” K2 flashed again.

For several more minutes there appeared to be direct responses to questions. Based on those responses, it seemed we were communicating with an intelligent male energy who had spent a lot of time in the bar. He liked Shirley because she made him smile. At one point Shirley asked if this male spirit liked Jim and Dean Doherty. The lights of the K2 flashed brightly.

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