Hey guys morning look it’s night last night. So nice, and then there’s like godless working sorry cool listen all over the floor, and all in the trees look out there this is the best view ever. So nice this breakfast click free breakfast it was home, and breakfast yeah look what Jess you just deliver to me good bye amazing spa beautiful this here is right outside our hotel there’s our hotel, and look beautiful guys this camera is not doing that Mountain any justice it looks. So nice looks like Narnia it looks like Narnia. So went from Hogsmeade to Narnia.

EPIC WHISTLER BUNGEE JUMP Whistler Canada Photo Gallery

So we heard there’s a nice little hike out to this lake called Lost Lake. So we’re just gonna walk in we’ve got some time to kill guys were lost you know with this 10 like ISM we were walking for the last 45 man we found the lake you ready, I’ll find a bear now, and it’s snowing just to add to it all the ants the far it’s got lost like I think we just win their own way. But we worked it out we worked it out it’s no, and it’d be snow, and can use need snow fun, and we have returned back to Whistler Village, and Stephens taking some photo of the amazing mountain behind him if you wanna go grab a coffee yes please yeah feel like we already drink so much coffee. But if we live we lived in the snow much Soph you would get three it’s just perfect good when you nice, and cold I love with slow village I wish you guys could see with your own eyes I want to come back, I’m come back in in a song time yeah, I’m come back in the summer, and see what it’s like I know why he is busy at us I like kind of seen the contrast sometimes between what a slide in the winter time, and what it’s like in the summer time I wonder that like feeling like after yesterday’s skiing we could totally go do heavy ski jump out of a helicopter onto the let’s go I got my let’s go, I’m going those such cute little buildings. So nice yeah I couldn’t look here funny. Because you know it like someone raves on about a place any like are copies back. But then you finally come here, and be the expectation this is probably now the best thing we’ve seen since our two months of travel this year yeah, I’ll put that definitely it’s amazing definitely our talk this holiday yes mom we are warm enough we haven’t had enough call I say we always get lost don’t we well this year is like the whisker registration we’re not gonna be.

So we’re very far away we need gotta always get go to get that show we’re on the hunt I think we’ve worked out the way to go now, I’m following Stephen he’s on a mission we the booth down you gotta be booster Holmes just stop racing around just found the Olympic race guys – really nice things this whole villages yeah we have half an hour to allow bungee jump which is exciting. So just exploring the before slap timers new providers it’s been anticipating the whole weekend for this she’s never done before we skydive you know what bungee jumping is the one thing I said I would never do hopefully you see here we Oh look at you nice John Cena. But I feel good job man we’ll get you to climb on up. So good it’s definitely that for Lina feeling. But then after that it’s awesome, and then you go up, and down. But when I stood up on there I could stand out, I’m so glad I did it guys that was the scariest thing I have ever done, and I cannot wait to look at the GoPro footage. Because I was bawling my eyes out I never remember what I said.

But I know I was talking to you guys after. But if you guys are scared of heights I think I have done a lot of things to do with Heights the bungee jumping was the one thing I said I would never do I could not believe I did it good guys I love to know if you do want a bungee jump Justin’s really afraid of heights. But I do reckon you do, and the view is amazing never look by the way the guys at work here are amazing I don’t think I would have jumped if it wasn’t for the guys that worked here seriously look at it someone looks someone jumps with their pug alright guys we’re back in Whistler hungry, and it just smells. So good around here I think were just gonna be first place that we girls well. So we listening to you guys, and a lot of you said to try these beaver tails when you get to Whistler is the only place in the world you buy them eat that beaver tail is it good like a pastry right you gotta try this that was so good why didn’t we find that earlier we could have had ten already now we have to go far what a nice fight, and to get our bus one more one will be you we just done amazing weekend oh eight o’clock, and we just did like three hours of troubling the morning. But always was so you tied off to travel like that. So we just gonna hit the shot each time thanks so much for Chino with some of those guys it’s such an amazing weekend you.

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