Best Place in the World to See the Northern Lights

I wanna fly welcome to a brand new place that probably none of, you have ever been to before we are now heading to a lake to go fishing.

And. I’m actually gonna be hanging out here for the next three days with the Samsung team they’ve invited me here to check out their new phone to get to explore a new place today’s post is completely unspun surd oh my gosh a massive bird just flew by so much wildlife all right we have just arrived here at the Great Slave Lake, you just feel like you’re in the wilderness even when you’re in the city.

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So now we’re gonna head out on a fishing boat got a big crew what’s up everyone good to see, you again yes a quick tour of the Jennifer dawn the commercial fishing boat we’re gonna have our tour on today about Stephanie’s preparing some food just bunks in here oh we got a skipper to. And caviar check out all these little houseboats. So people just Park in here.

And during the winter this will all freeze over. So we were told earlier that, it’s literally four times faster to get around here in the winter because, you don’t have to drive around the lake, you just go right through it all right. So, this is the bad boy right here, this is the reason.

I am all the way in Yellowknife they don’t actually officially launch just yet. So these are actually beta units. And there’s only like 20 of them in the country right now.

So, it’s kind of cool to be able to play with this before everyone else. I’ve never had this kind of edge to edge screen. So that’s really amazing.

So, you live on this island. I live on the island yeah right over there those are his two snowmobiles, but they’ve got like mobile homes on top of it. So there’s enough room to sleep in your snowmobile yeah your broken-down way on the lake like sometimes will happen not off, you open mine, it’s like 30 40 50 below out here looks like a natural yeah, you look good she’s the big one yeah we just ordered some poutine covered in bison, it’s got the gravy the cheese curds, this is one of the few times where, it’s like socially acceptable not to talk to anyone oh we’re just playing with our phones.

So far, this is my favorite feature our guide was telling us that during the 1930s most of North America was in a depression of gold caught everybody’s attention once they caught whiff of the gold that was up here they flocked here in every conceivable type of transportation they were all rushing up here to try to find their fortunes that was definitely the most hustling. And bustling time here in Yellowknife. So by far the realist license plates you’ll ever see they are the shape of a polar bear Yellowknife all right guys we’ve just arrived about 40 minutes outside of Yellowknife for the downtown area.

And we are at a place that is dark enough that we will be able to watch the aurora borealis or the Northern Lights tonight, you need to have a few things in your favor, you need to have clear skies right now, it’s about 11 o’clock and. We’ll be here until. I think just around 1:00.

And do they all hunt even the girls yeah it was absolutely fascinating hearing Bobby’s stories. And how his people lived off the land Bobby shared a lot of his history with us we call it they could enemy because people in chemical their cuz when there’s big Wars also people are dying that the shamans if. I continue that medicine man you’re doing career centers in their hangar then they both made a curse on each other, you said your people come here, you all die they said else before they’re healed.

I sign that’s what another week right there by about 12 p.m. it was pitch black outside.

And it was a perfect time to go. And see the Aurora lights the heavens just opened up oh my gosh, this is crazy, this is insanity Wow if you’re coming to see Aurora what you’re really hoping to see is those explosive green lights luckily we got them the aurora borealis was. So bright that night that.

I was even able to film it using my post settings yesterday was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life. I kid, you not there is no natural phenomenon more impressive than the Aurora lights. I can’t even put into words what it was it was like a symphony of beauty I’m.

So excited we get to see it again tonight if what’s right behind me isn’t enough of a giveaway welcome to the inside of our floodplain. So we’ve been told we’re gonna do over the city we’re gonna go over a mine. And then from there we’re gonna go up a creek.

And he’s like do, you wanna do some low-flying. And we said, you know everything everything shows the world yeah Yellowknife in the summer is absolutely beautiful, it’s pretty flat, but what, you do see is countless lakes we probably flew over at least 30 of them, you know, you look. So pale.

I feel a little bit of it just a little appreciation for the ground we were just like soaring. So low right next to the treeline ripping up these creek sides that was really really cool but I gotta say there’s no place like solid ground at least.

I’m feeling better than, you how are, you doing right now, you look like a victim in the back, you were just like. So pale and. So away.

I was like oh gosh she’s not doing well, you didn’t throw up did you. I was close. I’m in love with seaplanes like if seaplanes were a female I’d marry anyone that’s quite the review when midnight struck it was my time to shine it is day two of the aurora borealis hunt and, this is our little tepee for the night we’re going to be hanging out here, but the Northern Lights are like already starting.

And, it’s only like 11:30 maybe 12. So we got to get going here because as. I learned yesterday it comes quick with a warm winter jacket.

And a time-lapse remote in my hands. I began shooting five second intervals. And each of these time lapses is roughly 45 minutes of continuous shooting oh my gosh what just happened that is insane yeah, it’s working just fine oh my god oh my god what is going on.

I had to stop the time-lapse guys because what was happening was not being captured by the long exposure it actually. I lost the best of it it was moving way too quickly all around us here it is oh my gosh look at this oh my gosh it just shoots out of nowhere, you never know where, it’s gonna come from oh look at that oh my gosh, this is too much he opened up above. I see.

I felt like an alien abduction was about to go down guys. I don’t even know where to start with what happened tonight. I showed, you that little clip there, but what.

I actually missed was the craziest like color swirls tornado going on like. I have never in my life experienced anything that compares like nothing at all for me that was the most amazing thing like most amazing natural phenomenon. I think there is out there.

And apparently we got the best night of the year. So far. So that says a lot for what we witnessed tonight my post shows, you a little bit of what we saw, but the truth is nothing will ever give, you the full experience like seeing it yourself hitting this yellowknife trip on the highest of high notes we’re about to leave tomorrow morning and.

I’ve come here. I came. I saw.

I conquered really couldn’t have asked more from this trip bucket list item right there, you gotta check it out, you guys are new to the blog then make sure to hit comment. And make sure to click that Bell button. So you’re notified when the next post goes up and.

I want to give a big thank, you to Samsung because they’re the reason that. I’m here. I couldn’t have done that without them.

And guys have been in the view here let’s get lost again in the next one. I go to the supermarket, you guarantee you’ll get fish there. ?

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