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Rafting is an especially popular activity on many of the country’s wild rivers. It’s most fun and exciting when whitewater is involved. The best time to go rafting is usually springtime, or at any other time when water levels are reasonably high. On smaller rivers it’s often impossible during low-water conditions.

Rafting offers more of a group experience than canoeing or kayaking. Larger rafts hold six to eight or more passengers. Most people who go rafting do so with organized groups, which normally provide guides and instruction on the trip. Paddling and steering involve a cooperative effort on the part of participants.

There are also small rubber rafts which hold two to four people, and some people go out on their own in such rafts. Don’t do this without previous rafting experience. You’ll also need detailed river maps and probably campsite information. Riding safely and successfully through whitewater requires real skill and plenty of stamina as well. Wear life jackets or vests at all times.

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1637 The heresy trials of Anne Hutchinson begin. Chicago Subway Map Hutchinson believes she received personal revelations during the 1634 voyage to Massachusetts Bay Colony with her family. Later, with the encouragement of her minister, John Cotton, she leads a regular, large gathering in her home to discuss church doctrine and the Bible. Her followers begin to contradict the Puritan leadership, even refusing to participate in a war against the Pequot Native Countrys, and Hutchinson is brought to trial. Though, on the surface, the trials are about Hutchinson’s religious views, they are also about containing her within prescribed gender roles. Cotton withdraws his support, and Hutchinson is judged by Governor Winthrop as a woman not fit for our society and an Country Jezebel. She is exiled, even though she is pregnant with her sixteenth child. She, her family, and a group of about sixty followers go to Rhode Island. 1639 The first divorce decree in North Country is handed down in Massachusetts. 1641 Massachusetts adopts the Body of Liberties, part of which declares that husbands should not beat their wives.

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