Hey guys we have been spending all morning catching pokémon there was one in our house, and we caught it is there anymore in our house hey boy come on wait see we need to come explain this should we go, and look for us yeah. But then we need to use those phone. Because we don’t have any credit right you guys know geocaching well you have to it’s like the worldwide treasure hunt we have to go around, and find other things they’ve done that. But for Pokemon, and you have to actually like physically move your body. So you have to like I see this um near a local park near our house, and if you like go there, and you have to capture them, and then you can fight other people when you come into them very exciting stuff guys very exciting hang on all right. So wait there’s not right let me.


So there’s Dave is that you that’s me. So if I accidentally know what we need to go searching well how did you already catch the one in the house guys you missed an epic Pokemon catch what you look like is he in our little bag do we have a bag yeah okay not oh. So that shows you what Pokemon a nearby – got a piggy you got a ghastly just there let’s go for some poker deck I’ve got a clever idea, and to make it even more exciting is like Pokemon that are only available in certain places well oh my god we should catch some ingame Bodie are so we’re in Cambodia they might only have Pokemon there what yeah is there any near a park where where’s the closest one you can see I can’t see them. But there is a gym at the park I don’t know if you played Pokemon. But you know I like the gyms to get the badges oh my gosh this is hang on, I’m currently like looking at return flights home. Because you know as an Ori we’re very late to the game when it comes to organizing flies we got a flat – I usually. But we don’t have flights for him.

So, I’m organizing that now, and then I think we should go for a walk, and look at some program on this sounds like the funnest thing ever what a cool idea did this come out today uh Stevie’s been talking about this app for ages, and out-out, and now he’s very excited get excited guys all organized I swear weather worst why do we even give travel advice I was just looking through the forum, and I found out we need visas for Vietnam which I didn’t realize you needed like I just expected it was gonna be like Thailand, and Cambodia where Thailand we don’t we can get one with me over I for free Cambodia you have to pay when you get there, and I know this’ll do Vietnam, and it was like you you need to organize one before, and I said it could take up to three weeks, and we leave on Saturday, and I was like no way. So Stephen quickly called the Vietnam like embassy place, and they said if we come in today they can get it for us by Friday afternoon, and we leave on Saturday morning we are the worst, I’m so glad I saw that now. So Stephen is quickly driving home to grab our passports when he gets back I am currently filling in the visa application for, and then fingers crossed we get there before before they close today, and then they can organize that, and we will have our, and then we’ll have our visas on Friday clear away the worst aren’t we she she she sees it all the time whose dress would you take any chance dressed in safe making save a cheeky take away coffee then Jessie for their stressful journey okay Jessie sorry stressed cute Stephen will appreciate this thanks Claire dang it’s like China all over again alright off to the city level out of stress level optin seven not too bad it’s good guys walking down the same road is bringing up. So many stressful China visa memories consulate Vietnam level eight alrighty fingers cross alright you guys we pick them up Friday afternoon, and we fly out Friday midnight we learned from our silly mistakes literally lost all my day. Because of this steve-o Pokemon better come out at night. Because I want to search my Pokemon it’s all I wanted to do all day, and they’ll stuck doing visa stuff alrighty guys it’s time for more important things clear what I gonna go hunt for some is that you I think that I think I know that’s a winner Jess there’s one just there oh my gosh wait Annie this true how do I find them oh my god I’ve no red this Pokemon you buy it’s been a dacoit yeah waste we can look for them in the house use come yes oh. So wait how do I get boys on the chair get him quick babe how do we catch him ok pick it up Steve ba ba ba is there any others, and then oh there’s another one what’s that I have got the first nickname leave it, I’m in my onesie well ow it’s in the next-door neighbor’s once we have to go into the next one neighbors out food one next to it.

So next to the house go outside okay let’s go oh my gosh Oh guys we’re looking for some Pokemon yeah hang on hang on hang on back to Pokemon can back to pokemon can they like he’s just over this wall I reckon yeah oh my god wait jump, and they use how can we oh no I miss it he must have jumped the wall do you miss it where is he get him it’s all black if this was daylight guys, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to see this right now I should shine my lights this is really hard Steve Steve we stole the neighbor’s Pokemon it was a PG we almost had to jump the fence boys stole the neighbor’s Pokemon it was like pitch black. So it’s hard to show you guys. But that was so cool see, I’m level two thank you very much damn I don’t have any part of my phone. So, I’m stuck to catch him Pokemon, I’m gonna catch pokemon at work this is gonna consume my life now we are now pokemon catches Pokemon masters Jessica, I’m sorry get out my new face feel like your heater’s been on too much am i feeling really hot we’re having another movie night we’ve decided to watch a another romantic comedy called was a good love Rosie, and it has had a whopping 27 percent on Rotten Tomatoes which means it’s gonna be terrific, and we’re gonna pop that bad boy on right now man lookin. So pink be normal looks worse above the face just it’s off its off now, I’m givin the first part of the movie four out of five, and the last half of the movies one out of five yes you agree crappy rom-com is over is this and, I’m going to bed, I’m so tired it’s like can’t they go ahead he’s a great man he’s trying to get through he’s trying to get through all these work before we go traveling again yeah say good night night guys thank you for sticking with our crazy day today what is it full of visas, and party come on come on guys bye.

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