Sailing a Catamaran in the Caribbean

Hey from my suite here on sailing la Vega bond. And last night just sleeping right here. And there was quite a bit of rain coming down.

So at points. I tried to open exit hatch to get airflow, but then get woken up by rain coming down on my face. So that.

I have to shut it. I have to say. I think that my first trip to Ireland definitely gave me my first little bit of sea legs the movement that.

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I’m experiencing the back. And forth is actually very subtle because we’re on a catamaran, but for someone like Kathy she’s starting to notice it a little bit feeling a little bit sick alright apparently. I didn’t bring running shoes.

So these will do guys careful, it’s deep very deep down there. So we’ve run up the hill around the ridge overlooking this beautiful blue water. And they’ve outrun us.

And back we go again. So, you can slam my nose yes how’d, you sleep very well yeah yeah. I kept waking up.

And everything was moving. I just felt a little bit yeah oriented Lavezzi sorry sorry n-type, it’s oriented. And hey guys hey we slept wonderfully walk very oriented.

I’m starting my morning off with what was seawater, but using some crazy Australian boat technology they have converted the sea water into drinkable water water is passed through a membrane a lot of pressure yeah you’re left with very very pure water last night we polished off three bottles of wine probably why. I’m feeling a little bit slower this morning just drink off with water still working on it yeah, but that looks amazing, this is what we’re dealing with here in the carryover Wow yeah do they grow, you yeah they must that thing’s huge the Cannonball it really is we only have three plates, you guys never thought eating like a pirate would look. So good.

So Kathy just did the dishes now Riley’s running the water maker to compensate she she did a very good job she might have gone a little overboard how strong are the winds right now 25 gusting to a fair bit more that’s pretty strong right quite strong right now. So this right here no, it’s not Riley’s mustache, this is a dead cat. So.

I’m gonna toss it on the microphone. And it actually helps cut down on all the wind noise. And as you’ve probably seen we’re dealing with some pretty strong winds here today are, you raising the anchor Julio, this is epic.

So right now we are finally using the sales Cathy’s feeling a little bit of seasickness right now not feeling the best. So we’re doing eight. And a half knots right now the catamaran has incredible stability when, you consider the waves were going through there’s a ghost on board.

And he’s been piloting the SLV for this entire course, you can see him right now doing a little bit of work back here on the wheel he’s a very very best friend we need a nine for him actually yeah he wanted your audience to come up with a good name for out well comment down below he was showering he was reminding all the water was getting out shower and. I forgot how to flush it because. I just got like a little panic attack and.

I didn’t know what to do yeah. So the guys have caramelized ginger. So, it’s supposed to help for like nausea if you’re feeling a little bit sick from the motion Cathy how are, you feeling now better that’s good yeah the ginger helps me all right cool is it yeah all right is this my chance do.

I learn how to free dive now all right all right okay Kathy thinking, it’s not feeling the hardest Riley here fearless League IDing us phone app we downloaded the navigation app literally navigating the world with the iPhone is paradise guys aside from the with feel like. I’m gonna fly away we’re in paradise five-thirty a beautiful sunset on the horizon, but a lot of cloud cover it is time to go get some food. And Kathy some solid ground no shoes no shirts and.

I still get serviced please do, this is really funny, it’s like me. And Riley half the time now, you give Walker runway. And then

I just washed ashore, you know. I was made to walk the plank they found me on the way here. I was Long Island wonderful guy.

So how does it feel to be back on flat ground I’m so happy yeah yeah am. I having a doing anything since red cross because.

I fell all the time like throwing up yeah. So. I’m gonna just wait yeah thing about it always look at the positives yeah.

So we got some linguine we got fish. And chips. And of course the care of beer happy sweet potato mash that looks like dr.

Seuss material right there she’s just waiting on her green eggs carbs nos yeah garlic red sauce yeah, it’s white on the fish, it’s a stained local Safa. So back to the SLV no please take me home them take me to the ball no actually guys should. I take the pill the medicine okay okay whoa hey guys welcome to day two on SLV sailing la vega bond.

And we’ve got some great news to start it off apparently we’re seeing that the weather has changed a little bit what we thought could be an entire five days of difficult winds difficult conditions may actually be not as bad as we expected. So even as soon as later today we might be seeing some calming of the weather the winds. I don’t know about, you Elena, but.

I’m pretty excited about that yeah way better, you slept. So good, you slept what, you made a sandwich in your sleep she doesn’t really remember doing it, but all the time like not all the time, but he’s quite common for them right there, you go, you can already see today, it’s turning into a beautiful day, you got that creamy blue water today’s breakfast selection we got some toast we got some hummus we got some delicious cheese. And what.

I’m most excited about the crunchy that’s where, you go doesn’t hurt to get the blood flow going few sit-ups do push-ups ready to start our day all right we got to get on land it is stronger winds than ever the waves are crazy the boat is like this we survived whenever. I travel somewhere new. I love to try the local food the local ingredients.

And this right here is one of the popular meals you’ll find in the Caribbean and, this is a roti. So what a roti is is you’ve got chicken potatoes vegetables all wrapped around by a delicious skin of some sort. And of course, you got some healthy french fries with that this tastes.

So good, it’s almost like Indian inspired. I love the curry all right one of the local sports here in the Caribbean is the local people are so nice here we’ve only met a handful, but everyone has the biggest smile like even the first night the guy at the restaurant we saw him jogging the next day he’s like oh yeah what’s up man like they’re.

So expressive they’re so vocal very positive though. I love it, it’s amazing.

I just know. I’m gonna get a horrible summer yeah that’s for sure on one of the local giraffe Birds you’re so beautiful show them that the water is very thick milky we hiked we explored we got famished like.

I just have the driest melt right now. So she’s got a few services the Caribes kind of tired box going back to the boat. And what’s for dinner tonight Elena a wholemeal pasta with lots of veggies that.

I’m going to sneak into the sauce all right guys everyone hang out hey what’s up. I’m loving the bullet look good man thank, you very much this has been a long time in the making for about a year. And a half now we’ve been talking we haven’t actually met each other until now.

And yeah can, you just give me any phone you’re in the shot oh. I was trying to be quiet. So how long do, you guys been on the boat for uh we’ve been silo vlogging for probably three years.

And we’ve been on this boat for nearly a year now and, you guys have seen how many countries with the boat. I think last time. I counted was 45 up with the boat.

I don’t really fully know the story, but, you guys met in the Greek islands yeah dive instructor yeah oh oh, it’s a dive master there right oh. I was actually playing music. I quit.

I quit in the doctor about this time and. I was playing music for a travel company yeah and, you were single head of sailing yes O’Reilly bought a boat originally having no clue how to say oh. And he was sailing the boat in the Mediterranean.

And his friends would help them occasionally. And he came to the island. I was working on.

And we met one night out. And he said he had a boy who’d like to take me for a sail on the Stars we sterilize. I know that is a cool massage we got talking there we went.

I’m not that sure we had a boat animus – yeah yeah yes. I know well she’s been a really tough cookie ever since then being able to help out. And been through some pretty wild.

And interesting situations. I don’t think. I’ve ever properly thanked, you for that particularly on camera though that’s.

I wouldn’t be here if. I didn’t want to their first exclusive content, it’s funny what comes out when, you told means other people yeah there was one time where, you guys didn’t have any food it was in the french polynesia yeah yeah it was my fault. I’m not particularly good at provisioning valued.

I was relying on this particular we were in the two Moto’s. I don’t know if you guys know, but the atolls in the Pacific Islands. And there’s one supermarket there’s 200 people.

So every time a ship comes all the locals buy all the food. And the ship. And come for three weeks.

So there was like no food in the supermarket. And rally and. I had to go spear fish.

So we walked up into the shop. And the guy was like now. I know food then we came back the next day.

And he’s like no what still no food man what this ship comes in to be our weight. And then we went back on the third day. And he’s like okay because it probably eat a lot how about me.

And he took us to his next-door neighbor’s garden we picked one public joy out of the ahead of its soil throw a go, but it was fun yeah that’s those are the memories, you keep exactly sorry every boat that goes by. And goes guys these guys are like legends in the sailing community everyone knows that’s healthy, but anyways guys, this is just the start Marvin series here on the boat extremely excited because kind of a first. And to be sailing in one of the most beautiful places, you could possibly do it the Caribbean.

I’m very excited. And yeah we’re gonna continue our a day stay tuned thanks guys who’s this guy oh that’s not of lightning Lord of lightning. ?

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