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While we talked someone brought trays laden with pilau of rice Best China tourist destinations and mutton. The women laughed at the way I used chopsticks and gave me a wooden Best China tourist destinations spoon. Outside the door the dancers twirled and stomped. People kept arriving to give presents to the groom. After each part of the feast everyone gave thanks to Allah for what they had received, asking his blessing. At the end of the fourth course everyone stood up, and seizing the bridegroom they surged in a chanting mob out of the house, across the yard and into the dark alley.

When Sheriff Winney finally arrived, a few people had already gathered at the farmhouse. He quickly secured the area for the coroner’s examination but, by then, some of the evidence had almost certainly been contaminated.

Based upon the number of footprints found and the method of shooting, it was determined more than one person had likely been involved with the murders, possibly three. It was believed that one probably waited outside as a watch while two others handled the murders.

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