La Playuela Beach

Located in Cabo Rojo, La Playuela Beach is considered as one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. La Playuela is also called Playa Sucia and has been nominated one of the best beaches in Caribbean for three consecutive years since 2013. La Playuela has outstanding scenery of cool blue waters, limestone cliffs and hiking trails against the dramatic Caribbean backdrop. Locals consider La Playuela Beach as a piece of gem, a paradise for frolicking in the sun and laid-back relaxation. It is also home to numerous animal species. On occasion, you might even find the manatees playing by the bay.

Indeed, the beach is treasured for its relaxed and laid-back feel since there are no hotels and commercial beach services here. During the summer months, the water can get shallow and the waves are gentle. This is the perfect time to play in the water and go for a swim. Or, you can take a hike and enjoy the view of the Caribbean from all angles. Bring plenty of food, get a shaded area and set up your umbrella on the fine white sand of Playuela Beach. It is only 2 hours of drive from San Juan but the trip is surely going to be worth it.

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