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While there is much diversity of opinion among Muslims concerning what is haram or forbidden, in particular the representation of the figure, Abdullah maintains that for him there can be no intifada of the mind’ or limits on the imagination. Assimilate playfully evokes Christian art, perhaps a reference to his father’s religious conversion and to his past life that goes well beyond his outer exterior of his Islamic dress.

Towards the bottom ofthe image the blue becomes more intense and the word ASSIMILATE underlines the image printed in bold Helvetica – used because of its global usage and neutral Swiss origin (Abdullah 3 June 2011 interview). This representation of a Muslim with a PLO scarf’ speaks of the experiences of a Muslim in Australia. What is tellingly hidden is the personal narrative of Abdullah’s father. Thus, there is something of the trickster at play as the viewer’s positionality is situated as other’, i.e. non-Muslim, so that the backward’ Muslim is enunciated. The clear gaze of the father is achieved by blurring around the edges of his face to create a clear sharp image that has the clarity and purposefulness of the text below. The suggestion of a horizon at the meeting of the bluest blue and the text arguably confirms the dominant position of the monotheistic nature of western and Islamic belief (Aly 2007). This is underpinned by the dominant way of viewing the land in western perspectival systems of art-making and viewing, which is prevalent in Australian art education. This clearly positions the history of western art as the normalized perspective by assimilating diversity into a unified western paradigm. Perhaps as a student Abdullah might well have come across this effect that controls and excludes via its normative representational system.

Such alteration may and ought to be made by express compact North Las Vegas Subway Map . But how seldom this right has been asserted, history will abundantly show. For once that North Las Vegas Subway Map it has been fairly settled by compact, fraud, force, or accident have determined it an hundred times. As the people have gained upon tyrants, these have been obliged to relax only till a fairer opportunity has put it in their power to encroach again. But if every prince since Nimrod had been a tyrant, it would not prove a right to tyrannize. There can be no prescription old enough to supersede the law of nature and the grant of GOD Almighty, who has given to all men a natural right to be free, and they have it ordinarily in their power to make themselves so if they please In order to form an idea of the natural rights of the colonists, I presume it will be granted that they are men, the common children of the same Creator with their brethren of Great Britain.

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