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Context and Literature

The research in this collection both complements and enlarges previous literature in the field of art and the urban. In devising and selecting themes for this blog, the editors were mindful of the range of literature in specific fields of urbanization, and globalization, as they set out to reposition art, place and the city in the light of discourses of both urbanization and globalization.

Urbanization, in the context of globalization, is an expanding area of research in the humanities. However, the focus is rarely around art practice in urban spaces, notable exceptions being work by Malcolm Miles such as Cities and Cultures (2007) and Art, Space and the City (1997), and Miles’ work with Tim Hall, Interventions (2005). Other texts introduce art practice in context of globalization, but not specifically in the urban context. These include, for example, Globalization and Contemporary Art, Jonathan Harris (2011); Contemporary Art and the Cosmopolitan Imagination, Marsha Meskimmon (2010); Art and Globalization, James Elkins, Zhivka Valiavicharska and Alice Kim (2010); Belonging and Globalisation: Critical essays in contemporary art and culture, Kamal Boullata (2008); and Over Here: International perspectives on art and culture, Gerardo Mosquero and Jean Fisher (2007). Re-imagining the City takes the theme of urbanization further through attention to aesthetic production in relation to the urban.

Froe. A cleaving tool with a sharp blade perpendicular to Chula Vista Map the handle, usually used to create wood shavings and shingles. Fulling. A method of cleaning Chula Vista Map and increasing the weight and bulk of cloth by moistening, heating, and pressing. Fulling mill. 1 A machine for fulling cloth.

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